The Revival of the Dakota Pipeline

President Donald Trump has recently approved to continue the construction of the pipeline in Dakota and Keystone XL last Tuesday. The purpose of the pipeline was to increase oil transportation towards American consumers and avoid relying on foreign countries for oil. Supporters say this will avoid the aid of other countries, boost the economy, and create thousands of jobs. Opponents of the pipeline argue that the development of the pipeline can affect the land and water, release greenhouse gases, and intrude on sacred Native American sites. What is at stake here is the possibility of an oil leak contaminating the rivers near by. The Native American tribes protecting the water say the Missouri River and Lake Oahe are the two water sources that can possibly be endangered. If an oil leak occurs, which is very common, the river supplying for thousands of people from North Dakota, South Dakota, and a few more states south of North Dakota will be affected. Both the Missouri River and Lake Oahe can become contaminated, which would affect the 10,000 members of the Standing Sioux Tribe who have reservations on the central part of North and South Dakota. Supporters of the pipeline say this is will be an environmental friendly idea without the use of trucks or trains to transport oil.

Last year, several protesters gathered including many Native American tribes such as the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, environmentalists, veterans, and activists. As the tension of the protests increased, the project was put to a halt causing a surprising “victory”. At the time, the Obama administration discontinued the project and met with some of the Native tribes to find alternative ways to protect their land.

Just last week, President Donald Trump signed a bill to move forward with the pipeline projects.  This action will result in more continued protests from the water protectors. The protests have definitely helped gain lots of attention and support for the water protectors, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping corporate interests. The American people were tricked into believing the project would discontinue and not invade the sacred lands of the Native Americans who live there, but still the government is not acting in the best interests of the American people. How do you feel about this situation that is currently happening? Is President Trump acting upon the best interests of our country’s people or not? Are profits really more important than the Earth that we live on? If our country really just an Oil Company with an army?  Share with us your thoughts and opinions.



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