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A Letter to the American People

Dear America,

On Tuesday November 8th marked a historical period by electing our new president of the United States. Donald Trump is currently the 45th President Elect of the United States and will be sworn into office on January 20th, 2017. Many people are not satisfied with this decision and already sparked controversy. We have to stop the hate and come together as a nation to spread awareness about the future issues that may happen in the next couple of years.

We all have to understand we are part of the greatest nation on earth. Forget about the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, this is the time where we need to overcome the obstacles that lies ahead of us. I know you are feeling a bit anxious, worried, and some doubt but there is hope, we the people, can accomplish anything. There is a time where we are at our lowest and that is the point where we cant give up. Once we give up on something we truly love, it is lost forever. We have to put aside our differences and let our new leader have the opportunity to be our champion. This country has experienced both the darkest and the brightest times that molded us to be the country we are today. Have pride for the people who fought to be in your shoes.

Personally, I have no clue what is in store for all of us but one thing I do know is the freedom of speech. Without it, we wouldn’t have made any progress in the past. Let this election be known nationwide because this is a serious issue all of us have to face as a society. Rich or poor, white or black, we are all equal from every aspect regardless of the outcome of this election. Maybe this is our chance to speak on sensitive topics we wouldn’t have the courage of mentioning before. Maybe there will be a rebirth of our nation, where the outlook of our society will be seen in a different perspective.

If we stand united we can be a threat. This is a challenge we have to overcome and it is only the beginning. In a way, this is our wake up call of becoming aware what is happening around us. Be wise and courteous towards others, we are the future of this country.



Manuel Fuentes

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