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A New Viral Bucket Challenge Has Started

Not another ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video… is what everyone is must be thinking this week. In today’s world of daily trends that can’t make it past the average human brain’s current attention span, the last thing people want is another viral bucket challenge. Well… too bad! Over the weekend, this Palestinian man decided to create his own viral bucket challenge. He invented the Palestinian version which seems to be called the “Remains Bucket.” He mentioned that they looked for a bucket of water, however the use of water in their current situation is more important than to empty it over their heads. And it’s even harder for them to freeze the water too. So instead of using iced water, he looked around and decided to use his surroundings. He doesn’t target the video to certain people that he is challenging, but instead says the video is for all people that sympathize with the Palestinian people. He also asked for help from people with large followings and audiences to help spread the word. Will you help make another video go viral for a good cause?

If not this, maybe you can try Orlando Jones’s challenge?


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