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A Piece From Every Time: Our Melting Pot Closets

Through the years, we see fashion trends come, go, and mark the eras they thrive in with definitive style. Whether it’s the loose-fitting dresses and ornate headpieces of the twenties, the classy high-waisted glory of the sixties, or the rebellious punk of the eighties, we always have a general instant theme that comes to mind for any era. But how are we marking our own era today, in 2014? Is there a clear label we can put on ourselves as the ‘10s? Some even criticize our generation for being unoriginal and pull the infamous “hipster” term out of the bag, claiming that even their stereotypical plight from mainstream society is an echo of the past.

So then what are we? We’re not hipsters, we’re not hippies, we’re not flappers and we’re not punk rockers…we’re all of them.

Take a look at the spring and summer 2014 fashion collections and even inside your own closet to see just how much evidence you can find:

THE 90’s

Katie Gallagher takes us away back to the days of Wayne’s World and ska with this grunge-filled 2014 collection and we have Gwen right beside to prove it. Our modern closets hold a 90’s imitation to the right. Ring any modern-day bells?


THE 80’s

Betsey Johnson’s spring collection is not only iconic of her own label, but of the 80’s punk girl in general. It’s almost a carbon copy of Madonna herself. Today, it looks a little more like something on the right. Take a look:


THE 70’s

When we look to the psychedelic haze of the 70’s, we think of none other than the tie-die and floral clothed, drug consuming, free spirited hippie. From Janis Joplin to Stevie Nicks, embracing your inner self and those around you was exhibited in cultural icons everywhere. Today, we see this in collections like Mara Hoffman’s spring 2014, or you can hop on over to Coachella where you’re bound to find yourself in a wannabe time capsule.


THE 60’s

We all secretly want to live in the world of Mad Men, especially with those classy hourglass dresses. But Kate Spade’s 2014 spring/summer collection takes it to the next level with her dainty 60’s inspired look.

60s 1

Not only that, but Macy’s now even has a whole Juniors’ collection dedicated to the dazzling Marilyn Monroe herself. And how many bathing suits like these have you seen out for this summer?

60s 2

THE 30’s

Skipping down a couple decades to the 1930’s we find lengthened hems, satin gowns and fancy hats galore. Elie Saab has added hints of this era into her collection shown below and so do we into our closets! Take a look at these longer, more structured items…they are remnants of a more conservative, war ridden time.

30s 1

30s 2

THE 20’s

Last but not least (and my personal favorite): The Roaring Twenties. Rebellion, prohibition and industrialization all called for a major wardrobe change from that of the early 1900’s. Loose-fitting dresses, glitzy neutrals and shorter hems all depict the showy and rebellious attitude of the flapper. Designers like Roberto Cavalli shown here ditch those neutrals and give us a taste of the revamped flapper’s dark and evil twin with his latest collection. And we do plenty of revamping ourselves, between our obsession with lace and mock tasseled dresses.


All across the board, from our department stores to the New York City runway, we see styles and colors, fabrics and personalities that have already been done before. So, we’re either the most creative generation for being thrifty and redesigning the entire twentieth century, or we’re the biggest plagiarists of all time. The real question is, what will the future of fashion phenomenon be if all of our clothing is simply inspiration from the past?


Photo source: style.com

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