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Activision’s “Destiny” is a Game Changer

As the world of video gaming undergoes its evolution due to technological advances, gamers everywhere are lined up to see what’s coming next. If the soon-to-be released games of E3 didn’t get your blood pumping, maybe the reputable American video game publisher, Activision, will get your adrenaline going with their new game “Destiny”. The game is being developed by Bungie, the highly regarded video game developer responsible for the popular “Halo” series. As part of a 10 year publishing deal with Activision, Bungie has been put in charge of this 500 million dollar task, making “Destiny” the most expensive video game yet. Unfortunately that bumps the 300 million dollar game, “Grand Theft Auto V”, to second place. Although Activision’s “Call of Duty” franchise, featuring 13 main series games, has been slipping in popularity, they are confident “Destiny” will launch smoothly and are hoping it will be their next marketable franchise.

Not only is Activision taking a gamble with a project this expensive, but many were concerned that Bungie’s ability to make a game of humans fighting aliens nothing like popular “Halo” franchise would be impossible. However, most early impressions of “Destiny” have been very positive inferring this first person shooter with roleplaying and free roaming elements will, without a doubt, destroy sleeping habits. Coming soon, it is set to be released September 9th for Xbox and PlayStation platforms, both current and next generation.



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