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Advice For Your Future In Health

A new wave of curing mental health is on the way and you can have access at the point of your fingertips. Since technology is advancing as we speak, many people are reaching out to experts online in regards to their physical or mental health. “Telehealth” is the use of technology to assist clients with their health whether it is being educated about healthcare or receiving counseling, a person can have their own type of self-care. Before, any kind of health issues wouldn’t have been immediately provided without attending a facility first. Now you can FaceTime your doctors and speak to them directly without being physically present. It eliminates the uneasiness you feel when you’re waiting at a facility. It is both time and cost efficient. That is two birds in one stone. Also, there is another term called “telemedicine” where patients are being prescribed with medication through telecommunications technology. Many health providers are making the transition digitally, and one of them is BetterHelp.

The website BetterHelp supports individuals with life challenges by providing specialists who can target your problems and life struggles. They are revolutionizing the way a person can seek help by having an affordable cost. There are actually licensed professionals in psychology, therapists, social workers and counselors. Sometimes therapy can be expensive totaling up to $200 a session. The price is calculated weekly and can be equivalent to one session of therapy. You’re looking at half the cost with BetterHelp. There are a variety of articles for a person can relate to depending on their own situation. These articles range from mental health, medication to advice of becoming a better version of yourself. These articles don’t feel as if the articles were written without any purpose. It brings out emotion and can have an impact of connecting with another human. You don’t have to feel alone with your challenges because there is always a specialist waiting on the other end of the computer. There is information about certain medications that can cause side effects when you are prescribed from a regular therapist. For example, a typical drug prescribed for antidepressants are Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI). SSRI can cause weight gain, insomnia anxiety and emotional detachment.

There is a story for everyone and you can learn from others who have experienced the same type of feeling as you. The statistics are impressive from BetterHelp. An average of 98% success rate in making progress with their patients. Meanwhile, there is a 70% of people having their depression reduced. It is revolutionizing the way we think about getting treated; Mental health is just important as physical health. Take the first step by asking for help even though you might feel hopeless or embarrassed. There is a chance your story can inspire others to conquer the challenges they are facing right now.

It is still the beginning of 2019, start today by making the right choice to seek treatment. You can be healthier by educating yourself and using the technology we have today. Check out their website here.

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