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After College: What Happens Now?

Everyone has different expectations for their collegiate career. Some just go for the thriving social life, some go simply because their parents let them know there was no other option, and some go just to say they went! Yes of course, college is a great experience, it helps us grow socially, and independently as adults soon to enter into the real world. But the big question is, what happens when we actually enter the real world?

It is becoming more and more difficult to secure a job, let alone a career in today’s society. There was a time when receiving your undergrad would almost guarantee you a good job and a chance to support yourself and your future family. Things are so different now. Our generation of college students do not have the same luxury. A bachelor’s degree is no longer the key to a bright future. The job pool is shrinking, but the amount of fresh college grads in need of these jobs are growing.  So how can this problem be solved?

A bachelor’s degree will no longer cut it. What can you do to stay ahead of the curve and make yourself more appealing then the next college grad?

There are a few things that can make a vast difference in how “life after college”turns out:


A lot of students neglect to partake in internships until the last minute of their college career. This a huge mistake. Try to secure as many internships as possible.  Don’t limit yourself to internships pertinent to your major because your career path may change upon graduation.


It is not the most difficult thing in the world to get into a decent university or college without being a member of any clubs or on-campus activities in high school. However, college is a different ball game. Joining clubs shows that you work well with others as well as expressing your interest in taking part in the community you are apart of. These things will be important to future employers.

Volunteer Work

Internships are fabulous opportunities but that is not to undermine the power of volunteer work! Just because you do not get paid for something does not mean the experience is not more valuable than the money could have been! Take advantages of opportunities you find regardless of the payment.

The Beauty of Networking

Networking is beautiful thing! To know people is an invaluable thing in today’s job market. A connection can get you a lot of places you would not have been able to get as quickly without them. So never hesitate to introduce yourself to people you work with and be cordial, you never know when you will need a favor.


We’ve all heard the term, “”C’s get degrees”  and to a certain extent this is true. A degree is a degree but some jobs won’t let you slide that easily. They will look at your GPA to see that you put some actual effort into your collegiate career. So don’t slack off in school, everything counts.

Apply to Everything

Finally, Apply to everything! Everyone has a dream job in their head when they graduate, but the reality of the situation is that you may not get that job as easily as you think. Apply to everything you meet the requirements for. You never know where that job may take you.

Food for Thought!


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