An Evening with Stan Lee at Cal State University Long Beach

Stan “The Man” Lee, came to California State University of Long Beach for a little Q&A. Questions were pre-prepped by students. For a solid hour, Stan Lee answered questions with purpose and told stories that few may have known about him while others, like me, got to know the man behind the Marvel comic series.

Before Marvel was established, there were two companies that focused on comics and comic writings. It was interesting to learn that Stan Lee was very good at writing book stories about romance, western, and other stories he was interested in. As DC started to uprise with their first superhero, Superman, Lee’s boss told him “if DC can make a superhero, so can we”. The interesting back story before making his first superhero was that he was on edge of quitting his job until he was assigned this project. Next day, he came up with “The Fantastic Four”.

His favorite super hero is Spider-Man. Interesting enough, he was assigned to think of a new super hero and what to name it. He told the story of how he went home and thought about how cool would it be if a super hero was able to climb on walls. And thus, Spider-Man came to be.

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My favorite question that was asked was, “If you could marry any Marvel charcter, who would it be?” In response, “Well first I would have to make my wife a superhero character”. The audience then started clapping and screaming knowing that his married life were #relationshipgoals!


Photo Source: JK Media & @_yasmincortez on twitter

JK Gabrillo

JK Media Photography | Videography