An Interview with Dede Flemming of the Do Lab after Dirtybird Campout

We got a chance to get an exclusive interview with Dede Flemming of the Do Lab after Dirtybird Campout. The Do Lab helped Dirtybird Records with the production side of Dirtybird Campout, so this interview gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what a top event productions company like the Do Lab goes through in the planning and production of a music festival.

What is your name and position at Do LaB?
Dede Flemming, One of the founders

What does you position entail of?
I focus on overall production, logistics and politics of the business and events.

When did the entire planning for Dirtybird Campout begin?
The partnership started around April and the ideas started flowing immediately.

What does the planning process look like?
Its always interesting and different. Initially its sitting around a table having breakfast with Dirtybird and brainstorming and coming up with some insane ideas. From there both of our teams get together regular and over email to really dial in the experience we want to offer everybody

In what creative direction were you coming from? What was the goal of the Do LaB at this particular event? What was your inspiration behind it?
This was a unique and fun one for the Do LaB because we were following the creative vision of Barclay (Claude Von Stroke) and Dirtybird and were contributing to their overall ideas. They’ve been wanting to do this campout for many years and with our creative energy it worked out great that we partnered together on it.

What was the hardest part about planning Dirtybird Campout?
The hardest part of producing DBCO honestly was having to limit ourselves. The amount of games and activities that we could have had and wanted to have was crazy. That just wasn’t realistic so we had to tone it back a notch.

What are some interesting logistical details that go on behind the scenes that an average festival goer might not know about?
People get to arrive at a festival and see the finished product but the months, weeks and hours that go into the most minute details is what enables them to not have to see all of the crazy details that go on. They can just enjoy. But what might interest people the most is how we determine porto potty placement. But that’s a secret that we’re not allowed to discuss.

When does the building process begin?
We usually get to site about a week before the event opens for something the size of Dirtybird Campout.

What was that like?
It’s so much fun. This is when our team gets to get out of the office and start making all of the ideas come to life. There’s no greater thrill then to watch it all come together.

What was your favorite installation at Dirtybird?
Both Imagination and Grand Artique made incredible one of a kind stages so I’d have to say both of their areas.

This was the first Dirtybird Campout, was there anything in particular you wanted to make happen since it was the first one?
Our biggest goal was to get people involved in all of the games and activities and we really didn’t know what the response would be like. We don’t know if people would feel to awkward to get into the water balloon toss or the tug of war but we were pleasantly surprised. Everything ws so well received and attended. Claude Von Stroke actually made it to every single activity I think. It was impressive!

Where do you see Dirtybird Campout in 5 years?
Would love for it to be still happening and have more people get to go nuts and enjoy the fun.

What do you see the Do LaB doing in 5 years?
Still Doing! Lame answer but we don’t think that far ahead. ;)

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Photo Source: The Do Lab 

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