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I'm an author, an illustrator, and an editor. When I'm not messing around with words or pictures, I like to be outside. I'm happily married and have two wonderful kids.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. But what happens when we never allow for any absence? What happens when we take all those spare moments of our lives–the moments that would otherwise have been quiet and empty–and fill them up with stuff? I don’t know about the heart, but there’s a video making its way around the internet that explains pretty well what happens in your brain. The Innovation of Loneliness makes a compelling argument for why social media doesn’t fill the void we think it fills. InRead More

Posted On May 16, 2014By Bryan LangdoIn Food, Lifestyle

Five Plants You Didn’t Know You Could Eat

When most people think about food, they probably think about the grocery store or a favorite restaurant. Maybe they think about their garden or a local farm. Chances are, though, that they don’t think about their backyard or the hike they took last week in the woods. They probably don’t think about the side of the road or the cracks in the sidewalk. Well, I’m going to change that. I’m going to talk about weeds. Weeds get a bad rap, but many are edible. Not only that—some have more nutrients andRead More

Posted On May 7, 2014By Bryan LangdoIn Advice, Business, Career, Life, Life, Lifestyle

Get a Hobby!

A new study shows that having a creative pursuit—a hobby—can dramatically improve your productivity at work. Researchers for the study surveyed 350 workers from various professions, asking which workers engaged in creative activities during their free time. The workers were then rated on their job performance. Spoiler alert: the people who have hobbies performed better than those who don’t. The study found that people with hobbies were more likely to come up with creative solutions to problems at work and were more likely to help their co-workers solve problems. ItRead More

Posted On April 16, 2014By Bryan LangdoIn Advice, Change, Fit, Food, Life, Life

Five Reasons to Go Vegan

Full disclosure: I’m really only about 99% vegan. If a cookie looks good, I could care less what’s in it, and every now and then I break down and devour a slice of pizza. It’s rare, but I do it. For the most part, however, I stick to a pretty strict, plant-based diet, and I’ve never felt better. Giving up meat was a breeze. There are so many great substitutes out there that, if you’re willing to meet them halfway and use a little imagination, can easily satisfy any meatRead More

Posted On April 8, 2014By Bryan LangdoIn Lifestyle, Travel

Coffee to Go in Vietnam

One day, while spending a month in Hanoi, Vietnam, I made a big mistake. My wife and I, along with our six-month-old son, were out for a walk around Hoan Kiem Lake. The lake is famous for an old legend involving a Golden Turtle God as well as the endangered soft-shelled turtles that inhabit it. Surrounded by shops, cafes, restaurants, and an occasional Tai Chi class, the lake serves as a center for public life in the city. Not too big or too small; the lake is perfect for walkingRead More

Posted On March 31, 2014By Bryan LangdoIn Food, Lifestyle, Travel

Eat the Food!

Traveling to a new place can be overwhelming. Picking up even a small amount of the language, forming a mental map of the place, etc… these things take a while. So unless you’re going to be there for a long time, you’ll probably spend your entire trip not blending in. You’ll go to museums, you’ll buy souvenirs, and you’ll take pictures. In short, you’ll be a tourist. So how do you visit a place without remaining so removed from it? It’s simple. Eat the food! And by “food,” I mean theRead More

Posted On March 21, 2014By Bryan LangdoIn Advice, Career, Life, Life, Lifestyle

Success is a Broad Spectrum

A teacher once said to me, “Always look straight ahead, never side to side.” He told me to ignore the competition and just focus on what I was trying to achieve. It was great advice. I’ve obviously remembered it. But here’s the thing. The longer you look straight ahead at that finish line, mountain peak, career goal, etc., the more likely you are to start seeing people—your competition—already reaching it. Here’s an example. You’ve written a book and you want to get it published. You start shopping it around toRead More