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Musician, programmer, typewriter-enthusiast — titles are the dullest method of description, however efficient. Dane Pollard recognizes that due to the brevity of these descriptions titles are a necessary evil, and as such has decided to apply the above to himself. But above all else, he is a writer. A writer of code, of music, and, of course, a writer of words. He lives with his family in overpopulated and oppressively sunny Southern California.


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Everyone has pet peeves. Touching the food before you eat it, taking too long to order, obnoxious lips-agape-oh-my-goodness-your-mouth-is-open-so-wide-I-can-see-your-dangly-thing chewing. Oh, the world of human indecency is vast and varied such that – contrary to the real world – one can only hope to see as little as possible before a timely demise. Some are more fortunate than others, having little interest in and taking little issue with the barbarous activities of others. Many, like myself, envy those. They seem to waltz through life with a great deal more positivity thanRead More
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Considering Belief and Individuality

Have the courage to be different without being contrary — without flaunting your independence. The quality that makes us interesting, that makes us outstanding personalities, is the courage to be ourselves.  ~Anonymous It would seem that we live in an age of non-conformity. With dozens of movements and philosophies — new and old — emerging into mainstream culture daily it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of differing beliefs and mindsets. Yet oftentimes these lime-lit movements gain an impressive following. Soon everyone — from your grocery store clerk to yourRead More