X-Files Redux

I have already read the hundreds of articles about the return of “The X-Files” and if you’re a fan you probably have, as well. Rather than spout off all the speculative facts that we already know, I thought I’d just nerd out

Zoolander Returns

Ben Stiller has announced that the long anticipated sequel to the 2001 comedy hit, “Zoolander”, is set. He did it in a high fashion way, much to Mugatu’s chagrin. Derek Zoolander and his nemesis turned BFF, Hansel, took to the

Drink Your Way Through The Oscars

Celebrate the Oscars in style with themed cocktails. We’ve got eight luscious libations that pair perfectly with the best picture nominees and popcorn. Inspire the bartender within and add some panache to your awards viewing. Raise a glass to

Left Shark Is My Spirit Animal

By now you have probably heard about the real MVP of Super Bowl XLIX. I’m not talking about Tom Brady, I’m talking about Left Shark. This lovable dancing sea creature has captured the heart of the world. After sloppily dancing back-up to

Harper Lee’s Return

Book nerds everywhere are rejoicing. A mysterious discovery has been made worthy of its own literary telling. Harper Lee wrote the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, “To Kill A Mockingbird,” in the 1950’s. It is her only published book.

Movies and Presidents

The President of the United States has named “Boyhood” as his favorite movie of 2014. He is not alone. ‘Critically acclaimed’ is an understatement for Richard Linklater’s epic coming of age film. “Boyhood”

Holiday Reading

The lists of holiday movies that surface every year are abundant and a bit redundant. There are some great Christmas books out there that will be a fresher holiday leisure activity than watching “Home Alone” for the thousandth time

Christmas on a Budget

The holidays can be a depressing time when you don’t have money. Everything costs money all year round, but in December it seems amplified. There are presents to buy, holiday events to attend, gift exchanges at work, and even our energy bills