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Berlin Supermarket Startup Takes Food Packaging Out of the Equation

At an undisclosed date in the next few weeks, Original Unverpackt will be launching their flagship store in Berlin, Germany. The crowdfunded supermarket puts food like cereal and rice in dispensers to be poured into reusable containers.

Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski dropped out of college to pursue this venture which received most of its capital from private investors, but made 108,900 (about $145,500) more than doubled their expected goal. While most grain items will be available from the aforementioned dispensers, non-bulk items such as produce, dairy, meat, and non-food products will also be offered.

Unlike the failed Unpackaged in London or the rather successful in.gredients in Austin, Texas, the company sells regular food as well as their more expensive, organic counterparts. Original Unverpackt is more concerned with establishing a zero-waste supermarket and making sure their unorthodox business model prohibits human cross-contamination.

Naturally, it’s not humans we’re likely to be worried about.


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