Bernie Sanders Crowd of 20,000+ attendees at LA Rally at Grand Park proves Bernie is the front runner Democratic candidate for President

Bernie Sanders took his campaign tour for United States President to the West Coast to visit Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco this weekend and he had an amazing turnout in LA. Bernie Sanders filled LA’s Grand Park in front of LA City Hall an hour before doors opened. Early reports estimated 15,000+ attendees, but no one knows how accurate that might be or if it included the overflow attendees.

According to, this looked like it was his largest campaign rally for his 2020 Presidential Campaign trail. With over 22,000 attendee RSVPs on Facebook, it sure looked like there were over 20,000+ in attendance. Grand Park’s New Years event had 50,000 attendees, which filled the park. Today’s Rally for Bernie also filled the park and had more people over flowing into City Hall’s steps and into areas on the higher levels of Grand Park. Our team even overheard event production staff mention that they believed there were over 25,000 people in attendance.

Although it’s tough to estimate how many were in attendance, this rally really shows who is the front runner for the 2020 presidential election for the Democratic party. Kamala Harris and Beto O’rourke haven’t been able to produce crowds nearly close to this size. Bernie is also usually the top pick in most online polls, like this poll from the Daily Kos, where Bernie Sanders is the favorite for 2020 president with 43% of the votes beating Kamala Harris who only has 15%, Joe Biden with 8% and Beto O’rourke with 4%.

Bernie also resonates with most voters and their issues with advocating for Medicare for all, lower prescription drug prices, breaking up the big banks, tuition free college, getting out endless wars, ending student debt, combating global warming & climate change, raising the minimum wage, and more. Fox 11 may call his ideas too “radical”, but these same ideas that were too radical in 2016 are the same ideas that are setting the stage for today’s political climate. Now almost every politician at every level are now adopting these same ideas that Bernie started preaching about in 2016, but we all know where these ideas started. And we also know who was pushing for them even after the 2016 election. Bernie got Amazon and Disney to raise their wages to $15 per hour, while no other politician was fighting for it. Bernie also championed for a Green New Deal, while most politicians like Dianne Feinstein were avoiding it. With all this in mind, the political revolution that Bernie Sanders began in the 2016 election is continuing and there is no signs of it stopping any time soon. It’s definitely an amazing time to be alive to see this political awakening in America against corrupt politicians and corporations that are buying them. It’s good to know that Bernie Sanders is the one and only true progressive candidate that is not for sale.