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5th Annual California Roots Music & Arts Festival

The 5th Annual California Roots Music & Arts Festival is set to take place on May 23-25 at the Monterey County Fairgrounds. While most music festivals nowadays are blasting EDM and more mainstream genres, Cali Roots brings together some of the biggest reggae acts on the same stage. This year’s lineup includes big names such as Soja, Steele Pulse, Rebelution, Ziggy Marley, Damian Marley, 311, Pepper, ZionI, and J Boog. California Roots isn’t only known for their reggae acts, but they are also well known for their accompanying live art painters. The live painters definitely contribute to the liveliness of the reggae and art culture.


With only 4 years under the festival’s belt, Cali Roots has already started becoming quite popular, not only in northern California, but nationwide as well. The first California Roots festival first started in 2010 with 1200 people, but now gets more than 10,0000 people each day for 3 days. The festival has only 3 stages which gives it a more intimate setting, which can be quite refreshing compared to more crowded festivals like EDC.

The festival also boasts some amazing green amenities such as their rideshare program, bike valet, green pedal couriers, and a great recycling program. They even have yoga, lounges, tea, LED/Fire dancers, and food trucks too! This year’s California Roots festival is on track to sell out of tickets, but there are still Friday tickets available. Check out their California Roots mix below!

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