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Leonardo DiCaprio was the UN Messenger of Peace at the opening of the UN Climate Summit 2014. DiCaprio mentioned all the people that know about the reality of the difficult task of climate change, from the scientific community, industry, governments, and military. Most importantly, we, the collective people know it. We know that climate change is happening with no one to blame but ourselves. It is our greatest challenge today. Yet, it is still OUR challenge. Will YOU accept it?Read More
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Need some life advice? Watch as this High School Football player, Apollos Hester, gives us a motivational speech for the ages. Apollos reminds us that nothing happens over night. Nothing happens out of the gate. Things start slow, but you just need to keep pushing and finish strong. All that’s needed to be successful is the right attitude. You just need to believe in yourself and your work. And do it for YOURSELF. If you fail… it’s only one more step on the path to success. Keep smiling! :) PhotoRead More
It’s been said that with the new generation entering the workforce lots of common traditions are being uplifted. For example, our fathers and their fathers before them usually, typically stayed at their job until retirement. You know, like 30+ years at the same desk with the same company. Current studies show that millennials (anyone born between the years 1980-1995) can barely stay focused on a video that lasts more than 1:46 or listen to a new song that lasts more than 2:15. This idea of keeping the same job forRead More
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Posted On September 12, 2014By Gary LoweryIn Advice, Business, Career, College

Future Interview: Round 1

At some point or another, you may find yourself in a position to prepare for your first real-world position or a very significant internship that may lead to amazing opportunities. There are five items to assure that you have completed in order to feel and be more confident, the moment you walk through the doors to your interview. Dress for Success When preparing for an interview, the clothing must always reflect a professional appearance. Men should wear black or brown dress shoes, a belt that matches your shoes with aRead More
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In today’s boring news, the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was just released. The main change from its predecessor is that it will come in two bigger sizes. Apparently it’s also the best iPhone ever released. Apple has also released a new innovative paying platform called Apple Pay for Apple devices. Apple Pay easily has the potential to one day get rid of our need for wallets. And now what you’re really here for… The Apple Watch was announced today! Although many people assumed it would be called the iWatch due to obviousRead More
If you work, go to school, or even just hang out there are a few things you should be doing to end 2014 and go into 2015. So let’s… 1. Get back into it.  Many of us have checked out during summer. No matter how old you are, summer is a different beast at any age. People are going out, staying out late, having fun, etc. From the Fall to the start of Summer it’s your “academic school year.” Summer is your break. So now it’s your time to getRead More

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10 Air Travel Tips

These 10 trips for air travel have been compiled after seeing various airports and experiencing some of the issues that other travelers have faced as well as myself. Preparing to Leave the Nest We have all had the pleasure of packing for a trip with treasured friends, cherished relatives, or the love of our lives and each time there are always minor items that are left on the counter that were intended to be packed. Even if you pack the night before or leave all the necessary belongings in aRead More
Job search

Posted On August 18, 2014By Gary LoweryIn Advice, Business, Career, Change

3 Questions to Job Perfection

Around every corner, there is an enormous amount of competition that is found among avid job-seekers for a few select positions that in many ways general enough that the position may be filled by someone with little work experience or an education beyond high school. Yet, the list of qualifications for even the lowest positions in a company are beginning to develop expectations that did not exist in former years in hopes of recruiting some of the best young professionals. This behavior is unknowingly creating a gap between those that investedRead More
At an undisclosed date in the next few weeks, Original Unverpackt will be launching their flagship store in Berlin, Germany. The crowdfunded supermarket puts food like cereal and rice in dispensers to be poured into reusable containers. Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski dropped out of college to pursue this venture which received most of its capital from private investors, but made 108,900€ (about $145,500) more than doubled their expected goal. While most grain items will be available from the aforementioned dispensers, non-bulk items such as produce, dairy, meat, and non-foodRead More
Have you ever felt like everyone around you knows exactly what they’re doing, and you seem to be the only one blundering about blindly with little to no clue of what you’re actually doing? Me too. All the time actually. But here’s the thing: I’m under the deep suspicion that in fact no one knows what they’re actually doing. We’re all just making it up as we walk along the path we think we’re supposed to take. Isn’t that scary? Or maybe it isn’t scary. Perhaps this is just life theRead More