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In the wake of Emma Watson’s UN speech on gender equality, a 15 year old school boy by the name of Ed Holtom decided to show his support for Watson’s cause though a letter to the editor of the Daily Telegraph. Judging from the reactions on Twitter, Holtom’s letter seems to have resonated with people. 15-year-old @EdHoltom enlightens Telegraph readers about what feminism actually is. Wonderful! — Barnaby Edwards (@BarnabyEdwards) September 28, 2014 15 year old @EdHoltom writes the sort of letter you want to read from today’s schoolboys, and tomorrow’s men. — Samuel WestRead More

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Judging America

“Judging America” is the latest series from photographer Joel Parés. The series is first presented as a simple portrait GIF that baits you into judging his models by his or hers ethnicity, sexual orientation, or profession, and then, just when think you’ve think you’ve correctly identified who that person is, their true selves are revealed. The portraits share a powerful message that good, successful and talented people come from all walks of life.  Read More
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Leonardo DiCaprio was the UN Messenger of Peace at the opening of the UN Climate Summit 2014. DiCaprio mentioned all the people that know about the reality of the difficult task of climate change, from the scientific community, industry, governments, and military. Most importantly, we, the collective people know it. We know that climate change is happening with no one to blame but ourselves. It is our greatest challenge today. Yet, it is still OUR challenge. Will YOU accept it?Read More
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On Last Week Tonight with John Oliver the most recent impactful rant was about the Miss America Pageant. John Oliver questioned how the Miss America Pageant is even still relevant? From the stupid questions they ask during interviews, to the swimsuit competition, judging criteria, and other nonsense of the show, Miss America even claims to be “the world’s largest provider of scholarships for women.” Watch the video and see how absurd it really is. Should Miss America still be around with all of these claims? Photo Source: youtube.comRead More
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Need some life advice? Watch as this High School Football player, Apollos Hester, gives us a motivational speech for the ages. Apollos reminds us that nothing happens over night. Nothing happens out of the gate. Things start slow, but you just need to keep pushing and finish strong. All that’s needed to be successful is the right attitude. You just need to believe in yourself and your work. And do it for YOURSELF. If you fail… it’s only one more step on the path to success. Keep smiling! :) PhotoRead More
Emma Watson just gave a remarkable speech on feminism to the United Nations. And for the fellas, before you decide to laugh and move on to the next post on this site, you really should watch this speech. Why, you ask? Because this video and concept involves you too (so keep reading). It involves everyone regardless of gender. If you’ve ever had your sexuality questioned or ever been “less manly” or “less of a man” or even “too manly,” then this undoubtedly affects you too. In the pursuit of genderRead More
fall things to do
Fall is fast approaching. The sunny weather is giving way to gusts of wind and chilling temperatures. Most people are sad to see the beaches of summer and the long days and nights go, but I am one of the few who are ready to toss them out. I’ve been through heat, sweat, and broken A/C and I am ready for the cold, blankets, and cuddling. Besides, fall is another season to reinvent yourself and your relationships for the holidays and in time for the New Year. I’ve compiled aRead More
It’s been said that with the new generation entering the workforce lots of common traditions are being uplifted. For example, our fathers and their fathers before them usually, typically stayed at their job until retirement. You know, like 30+ years at the same desk with the same company. Current studies show that millennials (anyone born between the years 1980-1995) can barely stay focused on a video that lasts more than 1:46 or listen to a new song that lasts more than 2:15. This idea of keeping the same job forRead More
As long as there is a diverse set of groups that interact with one another, racism and race-tensions will live. This issue may derive from past personal observations, stories told from friends, or simple jokes shared between friends. All the stereotypes that our communities form about a group of people based off of skin color, clothing, piercings, tattoos, sexual orientation are nothing more than personal opinions that have gained national fame and consistent recognition throughout history. Videos and articles that have become viral and showcase support of equal rights forRead More
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It Pays To Give To The Homeless

A lot of people just avoid the homeless, but what happens when you have someone pretending to be homeless?Read More