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As long as there is a diverse set of groups that interact with one another, racism and race-tensions will live. This issue may derive from past personal observations, stories told from friends, or simple jokes shared between friends. All the stereotypes that our communities form about a group of people based off of skin color, clothing, piercings, tattoos, sexual orientation are nothing more than personal opinions that have gained national fame and consistent recognition throughout history. Videos and articles that have become viral and showcase support of equal rights forRead More
How did you meet that special someone? Maybe you bumped into them with your grocery cart or mixed up your drinks at Starbucks. Or maybe it was less serendipitous. Maybe you risked humiliation by approaching a beautiful stranger at a bar or worked with someone for years before finally having a real conversation with them. When it comes to love and attraction, the beauty of a shared human experience is that no matter how vastly different we all are, our brains still react in similar ways when Mr. or Mrs.Read More

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Why Am I Single?

Should I Change for a Guy? A lot of girls are asking themselves an infamous question that has been around for a long time. Why am I still single? As human beings, we are social creatures. It is natural for us to long for companionship. The need or desire to be with someone can overwhelm you, driving you to this question. This feeling is capable of becoming so powerful that it may drive you to extreme measures. It’s possible to find yourself in a position you never thought you’d beRead More
As I sat down to attempt a viewing of Django for the third time, promptly pressing the stop button as the display pictured an innocent black man being ripped to shreds by dogs, my empathy got the best of me and I felt the wave of disgust fill my stomach. The realistic violence of the scene caused me to step back and wonder, yet again, what the appeal of these visuals could be. Along with what it says about our progressing society that even an elderly woman in her 80′sRead More
You flip through the channels on the remote and it seems like ever TV show or movie you see flashing before your eyes show the same thing. A story about two people who fall madly in love with one another and they live happily ever after. Sure you may think it is too good to be true, but in the back of your mind you may wish you could be those same people on TV. Or you may see your friends having wonderful relationships that look so perfect on theRead More
It’s here again! Complete with four weeks of a preseason to the actual season of American Football! For all the pretty ladies out there that either look for their colored accessories to match their wrinkled jerseys or who bite their manicured hands in anxiety just because they know that Sunday is out of the question for any kind of social outing with your football aficionados, I give you the friendly guide to surviving Football madness. Get ready, because this season runs from September till Superbowl February. Don’t count the monthsRead More
I was never that great at the whole family thing. When I was younger, I always fought with my siblings, I was really spoiled at times and I always put myself first. I sucked. But after all my experiences, I’ve came up with a few realizations about family. As college rolled around, I put everything ahead of my family. That kind of stuff happens when you get to college. You get out of the house for the first time, move hundreds of miles away, and your priorities are school, work, friends,Read More
On HBO’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver simply broke down some of the many problems that can be found in today’s Ferguson protests. Oliver covers everything from Police comments, Ferguson Mayor comments, Racial tension, Police Militarization, and some of the other harsh realities that Ferguson and other citizens regardless of race in America face. Watch it for yourself and share it if you agree! Photo Source: alan.comRead More
It dawned on me recently that maybe I am too old for dating; not in my physical age, as most people would think being in your mid-to-late twenties is the prime time for seeing people and discovering the opposite sex, but after my specific set of life circumstances, the mentality I hold just isn’t suitable for the dating lifestyle. Dating, in essence, is a game– the stereotypical cat and mouse where you play roles and work to impress someone in hopes that they’ll call you and request a second, andRead More

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Life Without Family

Growing up Mennonite, we had just enough modern convenience wrapped around our daily lives to create confusion about our lifestyle for me. There were never any in-depth discussions about, quite literally, anything; and knowing my place in the world, or even inside the community, was a decently unreachable goal. The rules and regulations placed upon us seemed so ingrained in our DNA that we followed them blindly, and not because we understood them or even agreed with their value. If I were to think back on my own upbringing, IRead More