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Budweiser recently released an important message for Global Be(er) Responsible Day that you should see. Check it out below. Warning: It can make you cry. Photo Source: BudweiserRead More
They’re not the most convenient, easy to use, or forgiving machines, but there was a point in time where typewriters were the staple of society. While truly productive life has moved on to more user-friendly methods of production (like Microsoft Word), it’s good to be able to appreciate them for what they are– niche, a little obnoxious, and a quite a bit of fun. There’s something intensely satisfying about putting ink to paper, but, if you’re anything like me, your handwriting rivals that of the medical industry. While I may notRead More
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Need some life advice? Watch as this High School Football player, Apollos Hester, gives us a motivational speech for the ages. Apollos reminds us that nothing happens over night. Nothing happens out of the gate. Things start slow, but you just need to keep pushing and finish strong. All that’s needed to be successful is the right attitude. You just need to believe in yourself and your work. And do it for YOURSELF. If you fail… it’s only one more step on the path to success. Keep smiling! :) PhotoRead More

Posted On September 15, 2014By Erin AllenIn College, Events, Food, Lifestyle

The Nutella Truck Tour

No, you are not dreaming.  The highly addictive, eat straight from the jar, chocolate hazelnut spread that everyone loves is doing a North American tour.  It started in May on the East Coast, hitting up New York and New Jersey and spreading the happy.  That is their hashtag slogan: #spreadthehappy.  They’ve made their way across the country and will be in California from September 13th through September 27th.  If you are in the Los Angeles area or the Bay Area during those dates, you might be lucky enough to joinRead More
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Posted On September 12, 2014By Gary LoweryIn Advice, Business, Career, College

Future Interview: Round 1

At some point or another, you may find yourself in a position to prepare for your first real-world position or a very significant internship that may lead to amazing opportunities. There are five items to assure that you have completed in order to feel and be more confident, the moment you walk through the doors to your interview. Dress for Success When preparing for an interview, the clothing must always reflect a professional appearance. Men should wear black or brown dress shoes, a belt that matches your shoes with aRead More
If you work, go to school, or even just hang out there are a few things you should be doing to end 2014 and go into 2015. So let’s… 1. Get back into it.  Many of us have checked out during summer. No matter how old you are, summer is a different beast at any age. People are going out, staying out late, having fun, etc. From the Fall to the start of Summer it’s your “academic school year.” Summer is your break. So now it’s your time to getRead More
back to school tips

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Back To School 2k14!

Another school year equals another chance to try something new! These tips are essential for a fun and success filled school year. So, who can use this guide? Middle schoolers? High schoolers? College kids? Those are all the prime beneficiaries of this advice. Tips perfect for tweens to young adults! Think of this as the golden key to some of the best years of your life. Every graduate wants to look back and have fine memories to relish. Are you ready to create moments worth reminiscing? Tip 1.   PickupRead More

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How To Be A Freshman

Oh, to be a college freshman. I remember those days— both terrifying and full of opportunity. You’re either enjoying every minute, or dying for them to just end already. Don’t worry and don’t rush them, because they’ll go by faster than you realize. You’ll eventually graduate . . . and then wonder where to go with your life. But that’s another article, because, for now, you’ll just need some tips to survive what is (probably) your first year of parental independence. Don’t be a recluse. Join clubs, leave your dormRead More
In my eight months out of college, I’ve experienced a bevy of hurdles most people succumb to in today’s post-grad life. From the never-ending hunt for a stable job to figuring out one’s true place in society, it certainly screws with your head in numerous ways. As a young twentysomething, there’s the inevitable pressure from loved ones to do something better with your life and push forward in order to succeed. But how does one define success in this hectic world? For some, it would be a job with aRead More
I don’t make $100,000 a year and I doubt anyone else reading this does. I’ve waded into the waters inhabited by those vicious fish that do however and in my experiences they’re typically a delusional, chum hungry school whose collective philosophy is founded in the belief that “success is only measurable by monetary gain”. If you reap profit, you’re a fellow god and if you don’t? You’re a peon and solely responsible for your rotten break on the festering underside of the heap. “He should have gone to college! SheRead More