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Favorite Looks From New York Fashion Week

Last week the semi-annual installment of New York Fashion Week took place from September 4-11. The week consists of events from Fashion shows, sales between brands and buyers, press events, and parties. New York Fashion Week includes other branded events such as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York and MADE Fashion Week as well as many other independently branded fashion events. It is one of five major fashion weeks in the world, along with those in Paris, London, Berlin, and Milan. With the release of many exciting new styles and designsRead More
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As Fashion Week just ended in New York, there is no better way than to celebrate with another edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Witness News. Aren’t fashionistas great?Read More
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If you just want to get away from the features of the Apple Watch and focus on the fashionable style aspect to fit your personal needs then these are the visuals you need to see. Which one do you want to get?   Photo Source: Apple.comRead More
Luv Surf Apparel will return to the largest board sports and beach/resort lifestyle tradeshow in the world, Surf Expo, this week in Orlando, Florida. True to form, Luv Surf will be showcasing their new “Be Free” Collection, designed to connect young women globally to the California Dream. Based in San Diego, Luv Surf’s beach-inspired graphics and silhouettes inspire girls to embrace the sunshine, waves, and surf culture that make up the California lifestyle. The entire “Be Free” collection is made in the U.S.A. Surf Expo is produced in January andRead More
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August 18-20, POOLTRADESHOW returns once again to the Las Vegas strip showcasing the latest apparel and accessories from lifestyle brands around the world. Fashion scouts and retailers will be heading to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center to check out both established and emerging apparel lines specifically for the boutique market. Since 2001, the intimate setting of POOLTRADESHOW has provided opportunity for buyers to interact with the designers and merchandise teams of visionary brands. Innovation and art inspire the event, showcasing inspiring graphics and unique styles. Several successful brands have gottenRead More

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Fall Into Style

Get ready to say good-bye to summer because fall is coming back and not to mention it is back-to-school season. I’m not prepared to give up my cute flowing summer dresses or slim-fitting high waist shorts that I can enjoy wearing on a breezy summer night either, but I do like a change. During the fall, especially in that transition from summer where it’s warm during the day but ice cold in the morning, it makes it hard to decide what to wear. You don’t want to put on layersRead More
This July 10-11, the semi-annual edition of the Agenda Show took place at their foremost location, the Long Beach Convention Center. The premier show is the host to close to 700 brands comprised of streetwear, skate, surf, contemporary, women’s, and other modern lifestyle brands. The beautiful scenery and setting that is downtown Long Beach, which is right next to the Long Beach Pike, makes for a perfect couple of days to be at Agenda. Not to mention that the sunny yet cool chill weather is always perfect during Agenda. UponRead More
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Through the years, we see fashion trends come, go, and mark the eras they thrive in with definitive style. Whether it’s the loose-fitting dresses and ornate headpieces of the twenties, the classy high-waisted glory of the sixties, or the rebellious punk of the eighties, we always have a general instant theme that comes to mind for any era. But how are we marking our own era today, in 2014? Is there a clear label we can put on ourselves as the ‘10s? Some even criticize our generation for being unoriginalRead More

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Those little high waisted shorts

We all know that fashion is very much like those revolving doors in front of fancy hotels. They spin and spin, sometimes catching an innocent pedestrian who didn’t have their coffee that morning and slamming them abruptly into the glass wall. I used to roll my eyes when my mom would look at my closet and remark that the trend that was so fabulous now had already happened twenty years ago. It does make me a bit nostalgic when I see the crop top making a comeback and I shudderedRead More
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Summer is upon us! It is time to shed those sweaters and hit the faraway beach or the neighborhood recreational pool. Really, we all just try to get something that will help alleviate the heat wave we’re going to be stuck in. This includes leaving the winter cocoon we’ve woven ourselves and becoming beautiful butterflies in some beach-ready swimwear! Now, I know you’re hesitant to slip into that one or two piece you’ve been eyeing. Trust Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the Netflix marathons and me have caught up with me too.Read More