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In the wake of Emma Watson’s UN speech on gender equality, a 15 year old school boy by the name of Ed Holtom decided to show his support for Watson’s cause though a letter to the editor of the Daily Telegraph. Judging from the reactions on Twitter, Holtom’s letter seems to have resonated with people. 15-year-old @EdHoltom enlightens Telegraph readers about what feminism actually is. Wonderful! — Barnaby Edwards (@BarnabyEdwards) September 28, 2014 15 year old @EdHoltom writes the sort of letter you want to read from today’s schoolboys, and tomorrow’s men. — Samuel WestRead More

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The Skinny On The Teatox Trend

Health trends are nothing new; anyone who has been on any detox or diet plan knows this. Every program or method has time in the spotlight for a while. In the recent past, juicing had a front and center spot in the world of health and weight loss. Now, the tides have turned to make room for so-called “teatox” plans. They are talked about in blogs, gyms, offices, and are plastered around all major social media outlets. Tea had finally come back into the spotlight, having been cast out byRead More
The first lady of the Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, is back with the first single of her upcoming album. The debut single of her second LP, “L.A. Love (La La),” also happens to be produced by Los Angeles’ own, DJ Mustard. Fergie was also spotted on LA’s Power 106 Instagram with Big Boy on Monday afternoon. It looks like Fergie will be featured on Big Boy’s Neighborhood today, Sept. 29 at 6:20AM. She’s most likely dropping off the single to the station for airplay too. We’re sure to be hearing it all over the LA andRead More
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Need some life advice? Watch as this High School Football player, Apollos Hester, gives us a motivational speech for the ages. Apollos reminds us that nothing happens over night. Nothing happens out of the gate. Things start slow, but you just need to keep pushing and finish strong. All that’s needed to be successful is the right attitude. You just need to believe in yourself and your work. And do it for YOURSELF. If you fail… it’s only one more step on the path to success. Keep smiling! :) PhotoRead More
Emma Watson just gave a remarkable speech on feminism to the United Nations. And for the fellas, before you decide to laugh and move on to the next post on this site, you really should watch this speech. Why, you ask? Because this video and concept involves you too (so keep reading). It involves everyone regardless of gender. If you’ve ever had your sexuality questioned or ever been “less manly” or “less of a man” or even “too manly,” then this undoubtedly affects you too. In the pursuit of genderRead More
Surfing and Santa Cruz seem to go hand in hand.  Santa Cruz battled it out with Huntington Beach to officially be called “Surf City, USA.”  They lost, but surf culture is quite ubiquitous in the Northern California coastal town.  The internationally known O’Neill surf brand was created here.  Surfing is an extra curricular in the schools.  My next door neighbor is a retired pro-surfer.  It seems only natural for the city to put on a surf film festival.  And that is what they are doing this fall.  It’s a veryRead More
If you work, go to school, or even just hang out there are a few things you should be doing to end 2014 and go into 2015. So let’s… 1. Get back into it.  Many of us have checked out during summer. No matter how old you are, summer is a different beast at any age. People are going out, staying out late, having fun, etc. From the Fall to the start of Summer it’s your “academic school year.” Summer is your break. So now it’s your time to getRead More
As I sat down to attempt a viewing of Django for the third time, promptly pressing the stop button as the display pictured an innocent black man being ripped to shreds by dogs, my empathy got the best of me and I felt the wave of disgust fill my stomach. The realistic violence of the scene caused me to step back and wonder, yet again, what the appeal of these visuals could be. Along with what it says about our progressing society that even an elderly woman in her 80′sRead More
You flip through the channels on the remote and it seems like ever TV show or movie you see flashing before your eyes show the same thing. A story about two people who fall madly in love with one another and they live happily ever after. Sure you may think it is too good to be true, but in the back of your mind you may wish you could be those same people on TV. Or you may see your friends having wonderful relationships that look so perfect on theRead More

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Starve Your Misery

It is said that emotional pain only lasts for 10 to 20 minutes, and that any further thoughts  focused on that source of pain is a form of self-infliction that only makes things worse. This way of thinking is what keeps some people constantly wallowed in misery.  There are a lot of miserable people walking the face of the Earth. They look miserable, do miserable things and think miserable thoughts. To make matters worse, their main motivation for existing seems to be this relentless pursuit to find someone, anyone, to accompany themRead More