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In the wake of Emma Watson’s UN speech on gender equality, a 15 year old school boy by the name of Ed Holtom decided to show his support for Watson’s cause though a letter to the editor of the Daily Telegraph. Judging from the reactions on Twitter, Holtom’s letter seems to have resonated with people. 15-year-old @EdHoltom enlightens Telegraph readers about what feminism actually is. Wonderful! — Barnaby Edwards (@BarnabyEdwards) September 28, 2014 15 year old @EdHoltom writes the sort of letter you want to read from today’s schoolboys, and tomorrow’s men. — Samuel WestRead More

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The Skinny On The Teatox Trend

Health trends are nothing new; anyone who has been on any detox or diet plan knows this. Every program or method has time in the spotlight for a while. In the recent past, juicing had a front and center spot in the world of health and weight loss. Now, the tides have turned to make room for so-called “teatox” plans. They are talked about in blogs, gyms, offices, and are plastered around all major social media outlets. Tea had finally come back into the spotlight, having been cast out byRead More
I have to admit, I got into football for a boy.  My husband, boyfriend at the time, was an avid NFL watcher. After several of seasons of spending game time apart, I decided to give in and actually learn about it.  That way I wouldn’t be miserable spending time with him and being forced to watch the game.  I started asking questions as we watched.  I began to understand the rules and the strategy and it was fascinating stuff.  I became familiar with players and coaches and stats.  My husbandRead More
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On Last Week Tonight with John Oliver the most recent impactful rant was about the Miss America Pageant. John Oliver questioned how the Miss America Pageant is even still relevant? From the stupid questions they ask during interviews, to the swimsuit competition, judging criteria, and other nonsense of the show, Miss America even claims to be “the world’s largest provider of scholarships for women.” Watch the video and see how absurd it really is. Should Miss America still be around with all of these claims? Photo Source: youtube.comRead More
Emma Watson just gave a remarkable speech on feminism to the United Nations. And for the fellas, before you decide to laugh and move on to the next post on this site, you really should watch this speech. Why, you ask? Because this video and concept involves you too (so keep reading). It involves everyone regardless of gender. If you’ve ever had your sexuality questioned or ever been “less manly” or “less of a man” or even “too manly,” then this undoubtedly affects you too. In the pursuit of genderRead More
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Fall is fast approaching. The sunny weather is giving way to gusts of wind and chilling temperatures. Most people are sad to see the beaches of summer and the long days and nights go, but I am one of the few who are ready to toss them out. I’ve been through heat, sweat, and broken A/C and I am ready for the cold, blankets, and cuddling. Besides, fall is another season to reinvent yourself and your relationships for the holidays and in time for the New Year. I’ve compiled aRead More
DIY Whipped Shea Hair and Body Butter I’m not sure about the rest of you, but the moment I went natural it was in more ways than one. I wanted to use all natural ingredients on my hair as well as my skin! So, I decided to whip up (literally) my own little concoction in my kitchen. The best part is that this DIY project is simple and requires only a few ingredients, making it affordable. This process is super easy, only taking 10-12 minutes to complete. This recipe moisturizesRead More
Luv Surf Apparel will return to the largest board sports and beach/resort lifestyle tradeshow in the world, Surf Expo, this week in Orlando, Florida. True to form, Luv Surf will be showcasing their new “Be Free” Collection, designed to connect young women globally to the California Dream. Based in San Diego, Luv Surf’s beach-inspired graphics and silhouettes inspire girls to embrace the sunshine, waves, and surf culture that make up the California lifestyle. The entire “Be Free” collection is made in the U.S.A. Surf Expo is produced in January andRead More
“Not everything is cosmic, kid.”   The words came out of my best friend’s mouth and immediately found a permanent place in the forefront of my mind.  My entire adult life I have spent more time analyzing the connections I’ve made, the people who have come in and out of my life, my decisions and the decisions of others than I have actually enjoying the connections and the people while I have them. Here are 5 ways you can learn to enjoy the present instead of analyzing what the universeRead More
In my eight months out of college, I’ve experienced a bevy of hurdles most people succumb to in today’s post-grad life. From the never-ending hunt for a stable job to figuring out one’s true place in society, it certainly screws with your head in numerous ways. As a young twentysomething, there’s the inevitable pressure from loved ones to do something better with your life and push forward in order to succeed. But how does one define success in this hectic world? For some, it would be a job with aRead More