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To me it seems that after turning 21, every other birthday after that is just another year, another day. Life seems to move fast forward as the seasons change and things around you start to slowly fade away. The years start to flash right before your eyes as you get one step closer to getting older every year. When I was younger, I always wanted to be older so I could do more things. Yet now that I am older, I finally understand the importance and joy of being a kid. A time when having no responsibilities, having fun in the sun, and just being a good kid was more than enough. Some days as I sit on my stoop and watch the kids run up and down the pavement, it makes me wish that I could go back in time and trade in my heels for a pair of sneakers. It seems that it was almost yesterday that I graduated from high school. Staring blankly into the universe while having no clue in the world where the rest of my life would take me. Having thoughts full of doubt and confusion about which career path would make me happy for the rest of my life. Though it may have taken time, I have finally made my choice to be a writer. A choice that was given to me as a gift all along but it just took a tap on the shoulder to realize it. Throughout my short years on this earth, I have learned that being young is full of adventure and mishaps. A time to rediscover yourself in more ways than one while chasing after all of your dreams is what life is about. Reaching goals and milestones and taking in all of your hardships in stride and turning them into the driving force to move forward with your life. Life may not be perfect but really what ever is?


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