Collective Lifestyle Opens Flagship Store in LA

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Collective Lifestyle started about a year ago in April of 2014. Since then we now have over 1000+ blogs on our site from an amazing 100+ writers nationwide. We have reached over 300,000+ page views, to over 85,000+ readers in close to 10,000 cities worldwide. Our reach has been amazing, and we’re forever grateful for all the contributors, readers, and everyone that has supported our journey so far.

Almost a year later, our staff at Collective Lifestyle is proud to announce the opening of our Flagship store in Los Angeles. The new Collective Lifestyle store is based in Northridge, CA next to Cal State University, Northridge (CSUN), in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. Collective Lifestyle is starting out as a streetwear lifestyle fashion store. Although it’s fashion based, we will have a strong presence of art and music as well. Collective Lifestyle plans on curating and encouraging a sense of culture in the local community by throwing weekly events and more. We plan on connecting the community with creatives, and serving as a platform for creatives to reach the community.

This is just the start for our store, and the start of a new chapter in the Collective Lifestyle story. This is all possible trying to achieve the mission of Collective Lifestyle, to bring a positive change in the world:

An identity of the collective people who are separated by gender, race, religion, and other limitations. Regardless of backgrounds or barriers, we strive to move forward as a whole to express one collective lifestyle. Although we are individuals with unique lives, we come together to promote unity through our shared common interests, while still encouraging individualism. We continue to make an effort to bring a positive change in the world. We live in the present, for the future, everywhere.


To follow our store’s journey follow us on:

Instagram: @collectivelifestylela

Snapchat: @cllctvlifestyle



p.s. we have another surprise coming soon to the Collective Lifestyle site. Stay Tuned. & Thank you again for supporting! Much Peace & Love for you all!