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Commitment Aborted!

Fairy-tales and dreams once filled our minds as we sat in our desks ignoring the teacher that taught material that seemed useless because we were too occupied with thoughts of our momentary crush. Eventually the daydreaming cease and the purest representation of love and happy endings returns in movies like “The Notebook” or “Dear John”, but movies never translate into reality for everyday people. In the movies, the characters seem to be infatuated with one another while people living in the real world refuse to be content with their partners and trust seems to be a fickle idea. As divorced parents have become common amongst children, teenagers, and young adults; marriage is no longer a dream or goal desired instead it has transformed into an uncontrollable and unpredictable trap as love is not always unconditional.

Prior to the 21st century couples remained married regardless if their marriage was filled with happiness or if the love once shared disappeared, but their beliefs kept them together or having additional mouths to feed. This form of self-sacrifice doesn’t seem to appeal to anyone in this day and age. People have begun to do what makes them happy from changing cities without notice to getting divorced from less than satisfying relationships regardless of any consequence or disturbance it may cause their family, friends, or career. Leaving long term relationships and putting yourself back on the market can be expected. This generates a culture where there is a higher probability that you may interact with individuals that identify as single parents, a member of a blended family, or having a long-term partner with no legally shared responsibility.

Most long-term partners have children and live together, commonly referred to as “shacking up”. The era of “shacking up” is in full affect and there is no signs of this changing as the experience of living with your supposed soul mate will more than likely give the same feeling of marriage sense daily routines and rituals will develop. Regardless of whether your spending thousands of dollars on a supposedly once in a lifetime production—a wedding or simply investing in a home together, commitment will never be guaranteed, but hoping for the best and always keep in touch with the independent version of yourself. The version that could stand alone, planned activities with non-mutual friends, and made their money to spend.


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