Creating Goals, Scoring Success – For the Game Plan Called ‘LIFE’


A location that we aim to reach, a destination that welcomes us, an aim that fuels our journey, a desire that accompanies us – ‘GOAL’ is the ultimate reason that pushes us towards hard work. Inspiring us to focus on a desirable outcome with magnified efforts and amplified determination, goals create guidelines for our journey. Born with an aim to keep us going, goals give directions to our course of action. By setting an achievable target along the hurdle race of life, goals ensure perfect movements on a successful route.

Setting goals for ourselves resembles a personalized procedure. By considering our individualistic priorities, needs, desires, hopes and dreams, we can frame goals and plans for our living. As efforts and hard work originate from our inner self, creating goals that suit the route of our journey is extremely essential. Comparing, judging, competing or pushing ourselves to match with the goals of others can never yield any success. This makes it necessary to focus on our path, while planning deadlines.

As a universal factor that works in all situations, goals can be designed for each and every domain of life. Be it professional growth or personal development, cultivating a new hobby or planning for a special occasion, involvement of goals and guidelines ensure a hassle-free course.  A target that demands fulfillment, goal can keep us motivated on a correct track. Analyzing the progress report, as we march towards our goals, they provide a real picture of the journey. Goals mirror our efforts, mistakes, achievements, failures, shortcomings and strengths. Equipped with a practical real-time feedback, we can incorporate necessary changes and ensure success, satisfaction, happiness and peace.

Goals are essential along every stage of life. A never-ending process that gives us exciting reasons to look forward to the future, goals can keep us on our toes. Keeping us occupied with constructive deeds and engaging efforts, goals strive for our success. While uncertain circumstances or unavoidable situations can disturb our course of action, transforming goals in light of these unexpected changes can ensure unrestricted happiness and joy. Regretting over challenges or crying over lost goals can lead us nowhere. Instead, adjustments and changes in the previous goals can give way to newer targets.

Though goals set certain deadlines along our journey, enjoying the course of their fulfillment can make life interesting. While reaching every target with energy of efforts, it is essential to seek happiness and joy. Balancing goals and responsibilities from different walks of life, along with dedicated focus in every single aspect can ensure delivery of fun-filled experiences. While determination and devotion are extremely essential, sacrificing or compromising one goal for the other can invite disappointment.


What is the best way to summarize the essence of these goals in our life?

Let us frame a to-go message, as we draw inspiration from the world of goals.


  • Goals are guidelines for our journey. As checkpoints that can take us from start to end, goals are necessary for every dream.


  • Goals can inspire us to think about the future. By motivating us to create plans, goals keep us well occupied.


  • Goals provide a reason to look forward to further course of action. As goals give birth to hard work, determination, aim and strong will towards success, it can inspire continuous development.


  • Though unavoidable circumstances can hamper with our plans, creating newer goals as per changing situations can prepare us for every battle in future.


  • Setting goals for our journey demands customized attention. Pressurizing ourselves with goals of others can provide nothing else besides disappointment and sorrow.


  • Enjoying the course of goal achievement can fill our lives with happiness. Balancing jobs in different areas of life is necessary for a happy heart and satisfied mind.


  • Goals are designed by us and for us, hence it is essential to frame them after proper consideration of our priorities, hopes, wishes and responsibilities.


  • Process of creating goals is a never-ending affair. Designing newer goals along every stage of life can keep us motivated all along.


Create goals, fulfill them, create newer ones and continue its course for long lasting happiness, after all, a successful game plan of life demands an efficient game with the goals!



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