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Do It for the Love

Do you sometimes wonder what it would feel like to have your dream job?  That feeling must be surreal if you ask me. All the times you caught yourself day dreaming about having something exciting can become a reality. You can be a famous DJ traveling the world or be the next hottest fashion designer, anything can happen. Instead of looking at your alarm clock and hitting that snooze button, doing what you love is your wake up call.

Working at a 9 to 5 job is convenient and helps pay the bills. In reality, do you see yourself working there forever? Working at an office has its perks like no manual labor or being off on the weekends. If you are following your passion, you wouldn’t have to wait until the weekend to start enjoying yourself. Everyday can feel as if you’re not even working.

Some people have watched their friends and family fall into this trap. Personally, I’ve seen this happen and watched them living their life in regret. Everyone knows at least one person complaining about how much they hate their job. My friend once told me she highly disliked her job and would always think about quitting. In reality, she didn’t quit because she wasn’t sure where to look for a job she really wanted. Ask yourself, have you fallen into this trap? There are changes that need to be made. Our lives are a routine and it is up to us to break the cycle.

Take control of your life, you are the painter of your own canvas. For a day, do something different you haven’t done in these past couple of weeks. A hobby is a great start, whether it is playing a sport or making music, you can discover what you really want.

An example is CJ Berina. CJ Berina is the Creative Director of Collective Lifestyle and sets a major influence towards the brand. CJ graduated from Cal State University of Northridge in 2012 and his goal is to change the world in a positive way. This shows how passion can overpower money. Here is what CJ told me: “Follow your dreams.” Spread the message, your journey awaits!



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