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“Embrace” The Anti-Fit Mom

Taryn Brumfitt, a 35 year old Australian photographer, was a lean mean body builder. After she gave birth, her body significantly changed  along with her self-esteem. She would often look at herself in the mirror and tell herself how ugly and unattractive she had gotten.

She had thoughts of getting a boob job and a tummy tuck to get her body back to the way it was before she gave birth to her daughter. Then she realized that there was no way for her to teach her daughter to love her body if Brumfitt couldn’t love her own. After this revelation, Brumfitt posted a before and after picture after pregnancy to show that physical perfection doesn’t always mean happiness. The picture went viral and racked up 3 million likes on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Taryn Brumfitt/Kickstarter

The public support for her photo prompter her to take a kickstarter to raise money for a documentary to explore why women have poor body image. The documentary will be entitled “Embrace” and is well on its way to raising the $188,000 to fund the film.

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