Fall Yet Rise – Lessons From The Trees In The Fall


Changing colors, falling leaves, chilling winds, approaching winters – as the season of fall takes us through the transition from summers to winters, many wonderful changes greet us. While leaves give away their original color, picking up beautiful shades of yellow, orange, pink and red, the entire scene appears as a perfect picture. Painting the canvas of nature with diverse colors from its palette, the environment certainly does a wonderful job. A treat to the eyes, this amazing scenery offers hope for a new tomorrow.

With diverse colors, while trees perform this transition, it motivates us to look beyond our routine. Inspiring us to welcome changes and appreciate its beauty, it takes us closer to the magic of uncertainty. Demonstrating the truth in ‘change is constant’, our mother nature offers us magic of variation.

If we look at trees during the fall season, we shall be amazed to witness its daily course of change. From fresh green leaves to drying yellow phase, from bright orange colors to fallen dead stage, every change teaches us something valuable.

Though trees lose all their charm with a fallen look and withered appearance, the hope of a new life fills it with enthusiasm, instantly. Preparing themselves for the next phase, as plants and trees welcome new leaves on them, it highlights the value of staying strong. As nature’s way of imparting knowledge, this fall and rise, teaches us the essence of continuous hard work. While withered cold conditions force the trees to shed their leaves, it lasts only for a little while.

Considering it as an opportunity to adopt novelty, they look forward to a next phase, once again. As spring brings back the lost charm of nature, it raises hope and energy for betterment. Admiring these natural aspects of environment, I often wonder about the power in its occurrence. Silently inspiring us with its scheduled routine, it does impart us with essential knowledge for survival. No words, script or curriculum, yet our nature still manages to convey its message loud and clear. By looking at the natural happenings around us, we can certainly incorporate happiness and joy in life.

So, what are the real life lessons we can learn from these falling leaves?

How does it influence our life, while adopting a new look and following a regular pattern?

Let us decode its true meaning and sow these lessons for a better tomorrow.


  1. Change is essential

Accepting changes in our life with open arms, we must welcome the surprises that they offer. Though we love to protect and nurture a comfort zone, flexibility and openness for novelties can bring happiness and growth.


  1. Failure is not end of the road, it is change in the route

Though we all work hard with consistent efforts and determined conduct, failure and defeat can always manage to enter into the plan. While experiencing rejection and dealing with such a fall, failure to rise again is more harmful than the failure itself. Considering it as one of the trials, working for the next opportunity is very essential.

As trees gather energy for new leaves and new life, it inspires us to get back to work once again. 


  1. There is an assigned time for everything and time for every assigned thing

Following its routine schedule, as seasons move along a fixed pattern, it highlights the value of time. Drying, falling, growing again; when trees stick to a regular time frame, it demonstrates the need to work with an agenda. While assigning priorities and designating our schedule, we can certainly remember the essence of time as it waits for no man!


  1. At times, letting things away is necessary for the new ones

Holding to our past or clinging to old times for long can disturb the future. By giving away old leaves, as a tree welcomes new phase of life, it motivates us to march ahead for good times. Though past memories can decorate our present, it is necessary to recycle our system and accept novelties. By using experiences of yesterday, we can celebrate our tomorrow; yet staying absorbed in them forever can be harmful in every way.


As we admire and adopt lessons from nature around, it is fun to learn in an unconventional manner, away from the conventional books.

Enjoy this gift of nature and take hints from it, after all life is about ‘Looking and learning, watching and working!’


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