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Five Cancelled TV Shows You Still Need to Watch

Each spring, television distributors send out names. Names we don’t want to see, sometimes in a nice, organized list. The list we all know and dread: television cancellations. You fall in love with a show and its characters, following their adventures through an entire season of adventures (if you’re lucky, more than one) only to have it ripped out from underneath you. Whether they ran for one season or four, these five television shows ended on a painful goodbye. Even so, they’re still shows you should add to your Netflix binge-watch list.


Fairly Legal

This show follows the adventures of a nontraditional mediator navigating the entrenched ways of her deceased father’s law firm. Positive and uplifting, it took time to develop its characters and create a leading lady that was not only independent but dynamic. Season Two brought in an opposing partner, creating (mildly predictable) tension and some charming chemistry to the show. Sadly, the show was axed before it could really fulfill any definite direction for these two characters. It’s a gem that happened to fly under the radar due to a wildly popular show on the same network with similar content– Suits

Arrested Development

No one knows why this show was cancelled. Literally no one. Thankfully it’s since been revived for a fourth (and long-awaited) season on Netflix, though Season Four doesn’t even approach the glory of the first three seasons. A forerunner of many modern comedies within the same vein, Arrested Development is well-known for its mile-a-minute humor and smart dialogue. Everyone knows– Arrested Development television gags are the best kind of gags.


With its sarcastically witty commentaries and contrasts, Suburgatory stood out for several seasons as a comedy leader. Somehow, it fizzled out towards the end, as many comedies do, but that doesn’t stop the first season and a half from being a surreal commentary on everything is wrong (and horridly right) with suburban life. This show brings some extreme stereotypes surrounding the perpetually middle class to life, as well as the similarities that everyone seems to share with them. Even the sensible people.

The Finder

Spawned on a network that is known for cancelling its best shows, this series was doomed from the start. Lasting only one glorious season, this spinoff of the hit crime drama Bones followed one of the most unique (and just a little weird) mystery-a-week formats.  The chemistry between Geoff Stults and the late Michael Clarke Duncan was something no one should miss; in spite of the strange and wonderful antics of the duo, there was always something incredibly poetic about their relationship. The Finder somehow bridges the gap between inane comedy and soul-searching television show.


This series managed four seasons before its eventual cancellation. This caper-a-week show carried itself in an Ocean’s 11 style, without disappointing fans along the way. Valuable items were stolen, wrongs were righted, and nearly every plot was absolutely sterling. (That was a pun, put your pitchforks away.) Though the final season, as with many axed television shows, was weaker than many would have liked, it did manage to end on a positive note, leaving no strings dangling.


No, I didn’t include Firefly.  Either way, it never should have been cancelled, and you know it.




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