Five Surprising Benefits Of Meditation

We are under plenty of pressure these days.  Be it pressure to succeed in our careers or in a relationships; stress over making family decisions; or desires to focus on our passions, there are plenty of voices in our heads telling us what we should do, should value or should go after.  Given enough time to grow deafening, all this background noise inevitably knocks us off balance.  Over time, we begin to invest too much of our precious energy into projecting a false image of ourselves to convince the outside world that we have it all together.

Somewhere in the hustle, we lose track of who we really are. We forget what our own voice sounds like.  Our personal alignment gets all kinds of crazy.  We get angry, frustrated, chaotic, exhausted and overwhelmed.  But it does not have to continue like this for you in your life.  Right now, you can start a meditation practice that will serve you in finding stillness enough to connect to the truth of who you are – a person filled with an infinite capacity for love and creativity.

One of the most effective ways to get in touch with your most loving and creative self is to focus on your inner calm.  It can be helpful to think of meditation as an invitation to quiet your mind and bring peace and energy back into your spirit. Whether you call that inner peace God or Light or Love, or if you do not have specific spiritual beliefs, to meditate is simply to awaken to a higher form of consciousness and explore the mystery of your authentic personal power.

There are many ways to meditate but for beginners it is enough just to get quiet and focus on stillness for even just five minutes a day.  Simply uploading Calm Meditation Radio onto your Pandora account and listening to your breath can shift you into a place of more personal calm with it’s effects lasting throughout the day.  Over time, as you get more comfortable with your practice you will begin to realize many benefits.  The five listed here are just a few.

One: Peace

Peace, friends.  The number one reason to begin your meditation practice is because it will bring you much needed peace in mind, body, and spirit. The day you begin a meditation practice is the day you begin to get increasingly clear about who you are.  By focusing on the stillness beyond thought, you can re-calibrate your inner guidance system and open up to all the possibilities for a happier life.

Two: Confidence

It may surprise you to know that once you have a regular meditation practice going, it will build your overall self-confidence.  When you truly experience the depth of your inner peace, you realize the incredible power you have to create your own experience.  Becoming increasingly aware of your capacity to access your true inner self makes you feel more alive in all areas of your life.  Focusing on cultivating stillness creates more calm in your experiences. It will become clear that your true power lies in surrendering to your calm, not in trying to reign in your chaos.

Three: Acceptance

A meditation practice that expands your capacity for inner peace and builds your confidence will naturally lead you to a place of greater acceptance of yourself.  When you are at peace with who you are, you will be able to make choices that align with your authentic self instead of choices that feed your ego and create a false front. By quieting all the outside voices, you will be able to find your own.

Four: Alignment

When you begin making life choices from a place of centered guidance, you create shifts that align your life in ways that were impossible in your old chaotic state. Creating the experience of peaceful presence through mindful meditation is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. One honest step in the direction of your authentic self from a place of peace will save you from running miles in circles around a life that has no meaning or direction.

Five: Creativity

Meditating is one fine way to tap into the abundant resources of your creative mind.  Your inner world is where inspiration comes from and the more deeply you can connect with this wellspring of ideas, the more your creativity can flow.  Opening up your capacity for creativity can serve you in artistic work such as writing or painting but it can also help you solve a problem, forgive old resentments, or let go of fears which are keeping them from finding love.

During a good mediation session your muscles relax, your mind softens and your spirit seems to glide. Allowing for these benefits to manifest more joy, happiness, and love into your life is a powerful way to uncover your best self.  The only way to change the big world into a more loving and less chaotic place is to focus on changing your inner world in a more profound way.

Although mediation is not for everyone, it can be quite beneficial for those who seek to tap into the power of stillness and calm.



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