GenerationWhy: A Dual Experience

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Art is a beautiful thing. It is something so broad that there are endless possibilities in classifying what art is or what it can be. Two of the biggest forms of art are music and painting. These two are completely different things, but it is really nice to see artists from these two worlds produce something together. As music artist ZHU releases his new album, GenerationWhy, he teams up with a graffiti artist Levi Ponce to form a beautiful collab and overwhelming product overall.

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Zhu created GenerationWhy with the purpose to allow others experience a journey. As if they were a kid. He mentions that the album is slow and somewhat dark at first, then starts to pick up and comes together. He wants to invoke curiosity, because without curiosity, we cannot advance and become better versions of ourselves. That is what being a kid is about, being ignorant to everything in life and eventually finding answers.

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Levi Ponce added an extra flare to album by creating a large mural of the album cover. He believes that art nowadays is taken for granted and that real, physical, tangible art is losing its value. Photoshop and various other electronic forms of art are taking over the media and are in higher demand. Levi Ponce wants everyone to experience the album, if not through the actual music, then maybe by the imagery he has created.

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However you wish to enjoy the album, GenerationWhy was created to enlighten and encourage curiosity. Because without curiosity, there is no way to grow or advance. If it weren’t for the curiosity of inventors and hungry entrepreneurs, many of the luxuries we enjoy today would not exist. Do not be afraid to challenge a thought or idea, because your curiosity could create a significant change in the world.