Graduation: Once the Party is Over

In a few weeks there will be a myriad of newly graduated undergraduate students with plans of attending a graduate/professional school in the fall, working at the company of their dreams, or simply being one of the many lost souls in search of their future. Every graduation season contains hundreds to thousands of people that are seeking their purpose in life as in the direction on the next step following that stroll across the stage. In a group of friends everyone, but one or two truly know their life’s purpose or at least where they will be in a year. For those that missed the deadlines to apply to graduate/professional school and skipped the fall career fair with company recruiters representing all professions, do not panic. Graduating from college is not an easy task and is a time to celebrate with family and close friends before transitioning into the ‘real-world’.

The weekend after your final graduation, is the week of huge decisions as it is the moment that summer plans need to be defined. As many graduates attend colleges in other cities and states, the first thing to decide is the date that you must move out of your current residence. After determining moving dates, the desired city of residence must be considered whether it is to make a life in the same city, return home to family, or traveling to a destination unknown. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t born with the funds nor bravery to simply move to a city that no family or friends inhabit. Regardless of where we choose to live having the ability to gain independence is a sign of success and maturity.

Money is a huge source of power and access in the United States of America, gaining employment will provide money and an additional title to your resume as taking a year for relaxing and bumming around is not the greatest thing to explain to an employer or graduate school admissions committee. Even without a job, volunteer your time to organizations that assist the community, take courses at a community college, prepare for the Graduate Record Exam, Law School Admissions Test, Medical College Admissions Test, or any other professional degree admission tests. Do something!

Employment and volunteering are great starts to finding the best path, but require long-term commitments and a part of discovery is being able to reflect upon situations that occur in everyday life and experiences had through travels and activities. A side from working take the time to set attainable goals for the year and remember to store them in a place that is easily accessible. Establishing goals can be motivating and lead you one step closer to knowing oneself and taking your life in the direction that it needs to go in order to develop into the person that you want to be.


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Gary Lowery

My name is Gary (24), I live in California. I have a small obsession with social justice, entertainment, professional development, and personal growth. My dream in life is to enjoy the family, friends, and the mysterious people that I encounter, while reaching all of my goals.