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Graffiti Artist Gives Homeless Their Humanity

An anonymous artist who goes by the name of SkidRobot has been using graffiti art to help the homeless in the Skid Row neighborhood in Los Angeles.  The artist paints a dream home that the homeless can call their own. By doing this, the homeless people’s struggles are highlighted, thus giving them their humanity back.

While working on this project the artist befriends the homeless, gives them money, brings them care packages and raises awareness of poverty by telling their stories.


Giving homes to the homeless: A Los Angeles street artist named Skid Robot is using his creative talents to bring joy to the homeless by spray painting beds, windows and furniture onto the walls they sleep against

Helping hand: In creating these make-believe spaces, Skid Robot also befriends the homeless, bringing them care packages and raising awareness of poverty by telling their stories

Make-believe: He posts photos on Instagram of all the imaginary homes he creates for homeless people on Skid Row - from four-poster beds and pillows to thrones, windows and outdoor scenery

Thoughts: In some instances, Skid Robot paints thought bubbles above sleeping homeless people, with the bubbles depicting food or dollar signs

Fulfilling needs: One of his subjects is Tony (pictured). Skid Robot explains in the caption that Tony and his friends 'desperately needed water more than anything they said so we delivered 10 gallons'


Ruler of the streets: 'A king without a crown,' the artist captioned this photograph

Thought-provoking: In his Instagram bio, Skid Robot describes himself as 'an anonymous artist amongst the streets of skidrow, giving to those in need. Creating a dialogue for a solution to extreme poverty through art'

Photo Source: @skidrobot instagram

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