Hack Attack: 6 Fall Fashion Hacks

The fall is the start of the holiday season which means many of us are even busier than normal, making time saving fashion tips as important to the season as pumpkins and turkey dinners. Fashion mishaps can happen at the worst times and sometimes be more upsetting than a breakup. Read on to find out easy hacks for fuzz filled sweaters to scuffed boots and everything in between.

  1. A Pilling Sweater– During the cooler months there is nothing better than your favorite comfy sweater but sometimes our clothes have a shorter life expectancy than a nineties boy band. Don’t throw out that pilling sweater just yet; try running a razor (like the kind you use on your legs) lightly over it to remove the fuzz.
  2. Deodorant Stains– Those dreaded white stains are almost impossible to avoid but you can’t stop wearing deodorant (please don’t stop wearing deodorant). You can rub out those stubborn stains with dryer sheets, baby wipes or even a pair of jeans.
  3. Shoe Scuffs– Fall is here which means its boot weather. And if you’re like me your boots probably get polished….never, which can lead to scratches and scuffs. Use nail polish in a matching hue to paint over the scuff and get even more wear out of them.
  4. Smelly Shoes– Wearing shoes, like your favorite flats, without socks may be fashionable but it isn’t always pleasant at the end of the day, smell my drift? Foot odor can attach to your shoes easily, put dry teabags in your flats, boots or sneakers overnight to absorb the odor.
  5. Stocking Runs– The dropping temperatures are much easier to tolerate with a pair of tights for some extra warmth. Don’t end up with tights that have more runs than a baseball team; spray them with hairspray to make them practically run-proof.
  6. Tarnished Jewelry– This hack is a proactive tip and has to be done beforehand to work. Costume jewelry can be fun to wear and really add to your outfit but the color can turn too quickly. Add a coat of clear nail polish to keep your jewelry in wearable condition for even longer.

What are some fail proof fashion hacks that you swear by?


Photo Source: http://decoracionymobiliario.es/

Nicole DiRienzo

Hello, my name is Nicole. I have a degree in fashion merchandising and own a consignment shop that sells name brand, in style clothing and accessories. I love blogging about some of my favorite things, including fashion!