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Highly Anticipated Premiere League Has Kicked Off

Without a doubt, the Barclays Premiere League looks to be the most popular soccer league in the world at the moment. This could be due to the dramatic nature of last year’s season, particularly towards the end. Luis Suarez also brought himself and his club, Liverpool FC, worldwide attention last year, which may have contributed to the popularity of the Premiere League this season. Regardless, the first fixtures were definitely entertaining, and give us all much to look forward to.

Currently leading the table in these early stages of a ridiculously long season are Chelsea and Manchester City, both with a two goal differential. Chelsea went head-to-head with the newly promoted Burnley on Monday, August 18th. For being their first Premiere League match in years, Burnley played with much strength and confidence, and surprisingly gained an early lead with a great finish by Scott Arfield. The advantage was short-lived, however, and Chelsea managed to turn the tables only minutes after. Chelsea would eventually extend their lead to three-one. Burnley never seemed to recover mentally after this, and were unable to put another goal in. However, it is only the start of the season, and Burnley may require a few matches to get back into the rhythm of top-tier football. It would be no surprise to see them avoid relegation this year. Chelsea, however, displayed marvelous individual and team efforts, and will not be taken lightly this year.

Manchester City went into St. James Park and walked out with three points, with a stoppage time goal by Sergio Aguero giving them a 2-0 lead and sending them to the top of the table and sending Newcastle to the bottom. Liverpool was among those who gained a season opener victory, defeating Southampton 2-1. To many this is proof that Liverpool will manage just fine without Suarez, perhaps the real test will come Monday, August 25th, in their encounter with Manchester City. Surely this will be the match to watch next week, as Liverpool’s slip last season caused them to lose the premiere league title and fall into the hands of Manchester City. Liverpool will undoubtedly be playing their hearts out against a strong Manchester City team.

Manchester United also fell short of their expectations after losing 2-1 against Swansea City. It may be somewhat relevant to keep in mind that Manager Van Gaal’s preferred striker, Robin Van Persie was unavailable for last week’s match. However, the fact that Wayne Rooney and Chicharito were unable to do much on top is not a great sign, and Manchester will really want to clench the win this weekend against Sunderland. Not a bad start to the Season from the Swansea perspective, however.
Winning one of their tougher matches early in the competition will be a huge confidence boost for this Saturday’s match against Burnley.

With that, we can certainly expect big things from a highly competitive Premiere League this season. If you find yourself searching for some entertainment this weekend, some top-tier English Football would be a great place to start!


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