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How to Get The Perfect Beach Body

Summer is upon us! It is time to shed those sweaters and hit the faraway beach or the neighborhood recreational pool. Really, we all just try to get something that will help alleviate the heat wave we’re going to be stuck in. This includes leaving the winter cocoon we’ve woven ourselves and becoming beautiful butterflies in some beach-ready swimwear! Now, I know you’re hesitant to slip into that one or two piece you’ve been eyeing. Trust Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the Netflix marathons and me have caught up with me too. I’m sure you all have your own distractions too. Maybe you’ve been so busy with work, school, being a parent, or just being alive in general that you forgot you had a body under the layers of fabric wrapped around you. Don’t fret; I’ve got just the trick. This one step wonder will get your body looking summer ready in some swimwear instantly! Here it is:

Put a swimsuit on.

You heard me. That’s all you have to do. It’s an automatic change and you have the power to do it. It’s all about the courage to just dive in and do it. Once you slip into that bikini or speedo (whatever floats your boat), then nothing can stop you! You look good and it doesn’t matter what anyone else says. Trust me, if you feel you look good, the confidence you will radiate shines brighter than any fad diet or “quick” fix would. You’re not broken, there’s nothing to fix. You have a body and you and only you can love yourself. Anyways, we’ve all been stuck inside for the past few months so do you really think we all have sun-kissed tans, salted locks, and bodies pulled out of a photoshopped beauty magazine? I think not. That sounds boring anyways. Our imperfections are what make us the dynamic people we are.

Now, yes we are all beautiful creatures and we are capable of anything we want to achieve and, ideally, just putting a swimsuit on would make all the self-doubt and hesitation go away. Sometimes though, we distort our own bodies and the negativity attaches itself like a relentless monster that is almost impossible to shake. When you find that this is the case, just slip that swimsuit on and tell yourself that you look good. Look in a mirror and speak directly to yourself. Even if you don’t feel this is the case, saying it aloud is the first step to get in a body-positive mindset. Once you do that, you’ll be on the road to self-love. Now that you’ve said it aloud, treat your body to some pampering. Get a manicure or do some yoga. Do something that relaxes your mind and adds to your natural splendor. The last step is to be that amazing person that you want to be. Carry yourself like you are priceless, because you are. Act as fierce as Beyoncé and you’ll feel just as fierce. With saying, doing, and then being you’ll get yourself back on track to feeling amazing in your already summer-ready body.

Embrace coming out of your shell and into the sun’s rays and appreciate your body, even if you do have to take a moment and teach yourself how to. Treat it to some TLC and bare your beauty in the sun’s rays. Summer is here and if you spend it loathing your beautiful body then it’ll be gone before you can say “bikini”. This season will pass and we will revert back into our blankets and cold nights, so step out and swim, barbeque, tan, and be active outside while you can. You have the perfect beach body. Your body is ready; once your mind is on the same page, your summer will never be better. Let go, live, and put on that swimsuit! Take that first step into the sunlight.


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