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Hurricane Harvey Relief Fundraiser

With over 30,000 people in protective shelters, over $75 billion dollars in losses and over 80 casualties and counting, Hurricane Harvey was by far the costliest natural disaster in U.S history with estimated costs of $190 billion dollars. It was a critical time where people put their differences, ideologies and opinions aside to help those in need. Generous donations from Sandra Bullock, Leonardo DiCaprio, The Kardashians, Drake and other celebrities illustrated how people come together in a time of need.

Here at Collective Lifestyle, we also wanted to support those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We did so by hosting a relief fundraiser at our flagship store located in the greater Los Angeles area with 10% of the proceeds going directly to Habitat for Humanity, an international, non-profit organization founded in 1976 that specializes in providing shelter for those in need, and 100% of the donations going to Hurricane Harvey. We also had musical performances by Juno Rada, EVMN, Kris Karma, One Step Closer, Kasper, and Bobby Campbell.

A little over a month has passed by and the strong efforts to mitigate the damages as much as possible is finally coming into full effect. Although many people are still living in shelters, many others are being transferred to larger facilities as well as returning to their homes. In addition, there have also been strong efforts made by the government, specifically the lawmakers who are scheduled to vote on a bill that would provide Texas with $7.4 billion dollars in Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster relief funds.

Nobody expected such a disastrous event. It seems like the hurricane came and went, but let us not be so quick to forget as well. There are still thousands of people who have lost everything and it is our responsibility to help.