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I Graduated College. Now What?

The transition from undergrad to post-grad is hard, but know this. After you graduate, you literally have your whole life ahead of you. The endless possibilities of accomplishments and disappointments just waiting on the other side. They’re literally at the foot of your door after you walk that line, but it’s not going to be that easy. As little help as your college professors and advisors were, they still provided you with what you need to know to get by. Life outside isn’t like college where you get a syllabus and a list that you can check off to make sure you’re on track. If you’re lucky you’ll still have the help of your parents or at least someone who will guide you through the transition for the time being until they have to leave to focus on their own life.

So, what happens when you’re finally out here with the rest of the world and no hand to hold. Do you look back on every win and loss to take lessons away from them? Of course, that’s the smart thing to do, right? No, stop reflecting on why things happened the way they did so you can mimic that accomplishment or avoid that mistake again. Instead, just accept that all these occurances that had happened in your life were nothing more but “accidents” that led you to where you’re exactly supposed to be at this moment and use that as a platform for your success going into the real world.

After graduation you have your life ahead of you. So, stop trying to look back on everything so you can take bits and pieces from different lessons. So, you graduated from college. Today is a new day so just accept what has already happened and keep going.



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