Is Social Media Making Us Lonely?

This video has been making its way around social media and, as of now, has almost 2 million views.

We all use social media. Some of us are addicted to it. We shuffle between mindless scrolling, information overload, creativity, sharing our thoughts, and arguing that we need to balance our tech use. The beauty and tragedy according to this video is that we use social media to create an image that we want the world to see. Everything is planned and calculated. We find friends (or followers) in hundreds of people and build connections.

But, do we build intimacy? Is social media hurting us socially? Do we engage with others organically? Or are we lonely?

These are all great things to think about.

Our consciousness is shifting. We now have to determine how social media and technology will affect us. I sense it in myself, see it in my conversations with friends, and see it on the posts on this site. We want to build authentic communities. We are slowing rejecting the idea that we have to be rugged individuals; conquerers of whatever we set our sights on. The name of this website alone reflects that — Collective Lifestyle. Will social media help or hinder our efforts?

Watch the video and share your thoughts.



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