Kanye West and Adidas Originals Present ‘YEEZY SEASON 1’ at New York Fashion Week

Kanye West has partnered with adidas Originals to bring his first collection, “YEEZY Season 1.” The collection was released during his show at New York Fashion Week, which also took place during NBA All-Star Weekend. The Yeezy Season 1 collection dropped a total of 50 different looks at the show with Kanye West sporting the 50th and final look. ¬†Although many critics question Kanye and why he keeps continuing with fashion, Kanye West responds with the following:

There’s a series of you know people who write just like negative comments. They want to joke around and say, “Why is he still trying?” You know if I see something I see opportunity I’m going to go for it. I’m here to crack the pavement and make new grounds… You know sonically and in society culturally. We’re not always in the position that we want to be at. We’re constantly growing, we’re constantly making mistakes. We’re constantly trying to express ourselves and trying actualize our dreams. I want to create something better for you. We have been limited. It’s bigger than you know who I am even in my presence living. It’s about you know when I was on earth what did I do to help. I want people to think more. I want people to feel like its okay to create and follow what their dreams are and not feel boxed in. I want people to feel like awesome is possible. There’s a lack of creativity in every field cause people are afraid. As an artist and in this world, we could do whatever we want.”

For this reasoning and these views, I am a big fan of Kanye West, his vision, ambition, and his creative work. If it weren’t for quotes like what he just said about expressing ourselves, actualizing our dreams, creating, and following our dreams, then maybe we would have never started Collective Lifestyle. And for that very reason, we’re going to keep following our dreams here at Collective Lifestyle, and continue to push the creative envelope. Check out the visuals of the adidas Originals NY Fashion Week show and Yeezy Season 1 looks in the video below.

Note: The video isn’t broken, artistically there are no visuals until the 1:45 mark, but listen to the creative audio.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 2.15.50 AM


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