Lightning In A Bottle 2015 Recap

The other week, I was lucky enough to attend my first Lightning in a Bottle, which is produced by the Do Lab. Most people might be familiar with the Do Lab from their awesome stage that they have at Coachella. But if you don’t know who the Do Lab is, you better get familiar. I must say, their Lightning in a Bottle festival was amazing!

Here’s a little photo journey of my long 5-day weekend.

So first off, Lightning in a Bottle is a different type of festival. A few people I’ve talked to have termed it a “transformational festival.” I guess that’s what people are calling it, but I’ve been calling it a “Spiritual Festival”  lately, since that’s how I personally view it. It is still a music festival, but I think more people go for the transformation. I mainly went for a spiritual experience. At the campgrounds you can see lots of people repping their namaste tent setups, third eyes, and more conscious emblems.

So it was a 5-day festival in Bradley, CA, about 3.5 hours north of Los Angeles or 3 hours south of San Francisco. It is a camping event so everyone stays overnight on the festival grounds. Due to festival rules, I couldn’t take any pictures on the campgrounds for privacy reasons. But I must say, I loved the camping experience, and I definitely am going to bring more friends along next year to camp.

So I got settled in at camp, chilled for a while, and straight to the festivities I went. In the day it was more spiritual and conscious lectures from speakers, yoga instructors, and all sorts of healing teachers. So that’s basically what I did during the day…


So did almost everyone else…

As most of the spiritual talks for the day were ending, I started to check out the stages. On to the Woogie I went…

But not before passing the “LIBridge” multiple times to do so. I heard from past festival goers that last year, they didn’t have the “LIBridge.” This is the 2nd year that LIB was at the Bradley campgrounds, so it must have been a well-liked improvement from last year. But the best thing about this is that the bridge was a 2-way street where LIB-goers would all cheerfully high five each other, which raised lots of positive vibrations all around :)


So back to the Woogie… It was a party!!!


A very bumpin’ party…


A few hours later, the sun was about to set after a good first day…


At night, Odesza on played at the Lightning stage. Their set was pretty mind blowing.


Naturally… afterward I did some exploring at night…


After more exploring, you really want to give lots of credit to the Do Lab creatives… They did an awesome job on everything. The entire first night I was literally mind blown on how amazing the festival was. From the set up, structures, lighting, festival layout, logistics, and to every small detail. It was perfect! They’re really pushing the envelope on how festivals should be. I could overhear that many LIB-attendees also felt the same way, new comers and returners alike.


The next day, everyone went back to learning about knowledge on consciousness and the universe. I got a lot of healing and cleansing done that day too. It was a great way to unwind and get rid of any worries from the outside world.


I did that for most of the day… and then night approached…


And the party had started up again…


This was Flume’s headlining night at the Lightning Stage. Fun Fact: Flume, originally from Australia, was playing at Lightning in a Bottle as his first ever music festival in the United States headlining by himself.

And his set was amazing! No complaints here. His unique sound was one I wouldn’t trade for any other headliner. Definitely a class act. Glad he was the headliner, and happy that he reached this milestone in his career at LIB. I was extra happy that I was against the front row subwoofers. I could literally feel each note and vibration pass through my body. It was great!

After that I went to go have a little more “funn.” This was a “funn-mobile.” It doesn’t look like much from far away, but it was comprised of various lights, disco balls, bubble machines, and sound that made it impossible for anyone to not have funn around it, even if there were only 15 people around it…


I explored a little more, met some new people, and saw some friends that I didn’t expect to see there too! (Thanks Krystal for hooking me up!) Throughout the festival, there were numerous artists painting live, while the party was going on. I met this artist, “You May Want” that really captured the energy of the festival and put it into his live art. With our newly opened Collective Lifestyle store in LA. I asked him if he would be interested in painting a piece for our shop. He was down! I asked him where he was from, and he said “the Valley in LA.” From there I knew he was the guy for our shop, since our shop is in the valley. Hopefully, we’ll see his work outside our shop soon. Stay tuned to our store’s Instagram @collectivelifestylela for updates on that.


On the last day of knowledge… I got to learn more from my friend who was speaking. His username is @drdre81 on Instagram. Follow him. He has lots of great knowledge and insights on the universe to offer.


I also got to learn from Nassim Haramein, who is being proclaimed as the modern day Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla. Haramein, a physicist with the Resonance Project, claims that our world is connected and that everyone is connected. You, me, and even your enemies. All connected. Good, bad, across the globe, communist, terrorist, pope, you name it. We’re all connected. You can see more of his work on my other article on Collective Lifestyle, here.


By the last day, attendees started unleashing their creative powers in artistic ways.


As night approached… Wolf howls began all over the campgrounds.


I truly believe that LIB is a very special and magical place. There was just something about it that left you in awe. Vibrations and energy were higher here. People were happier, more peaceful, and connected with one another. It felt like the stars aligned for 5 whole days to bring all of these beautiful souls together for a greater common purpose.


On this night you could tell the full potential of energy was about unleash… People were a bit more jumpy than usual, and they had every reason to be so. It was the last night…


Every stage was jumping… The Woogie…


RL Grime at the Thunder Stage… Everywhere… It was a great way to end the party.

Although the party was ending… the spiritual awakening for many souls there had just begun…

Until next year LIB… I’ll be back…

CJ Berina

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