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Lions and Tigers, I’m BI, Oh My!

STEREOTYPES – Man I cannot stand them. I mean, I’m already practically handicapped in the eyes of society: I’m a woman, check. I’m a minority, check, and to put the cherry on top of the already over baked cake, I’m bi. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I am bisexual. Yikes that’s frightening, is it not? That must mean I’m attracted to every female I see. It also most likely means that I can’t have a stable or realistic relationship with a guy because, you know what, I like boobs. And of course it must mean I am just downright confused about what I want in life, I just don’t know who to love, woe is me… right? Uh wrong. Here’s a little newsflash to all my closed minded friends out there, lighten up. Open your eyes to a world you may not be familiar with, but a world that you should respect.

There are many stigmas and stereotypes associated with being bisexual, it would be impossibly dreary and meticulous to cover them all, and as a matter of fact you would be reading this for hours. So I’ll just go over some of the general ones I hear on a daily basis.


Numero Uno: “Wait your bi? But I thought you had a boyfriend?” *Rolls eyes and shakes head repeatedly* People, people, people do we not understand the definition of bisexuality? Being bi is not synonymous with being a lesbian. I’m not hating on the lesbian sistas, more power to ya, but we are different. Being bi means I love people. I can be in a relationship with a woman if I see fit and I can be with a man if that’s what I currently  desire. Being bi doesn’t bar me from romantic interactions with the male species. I’ll dip my toes in both pools if I so choose, thank you very much.


Next on the agenda: “Oh, you’re bi… so are you pretty much just a lesbian but afraid to say it?” Uhhh, that’s a negative Ghost rider. Coming out to family friends is hard enough as it is, if you’re going to be who you are, be 100% you. That means embracing every part of you and not trying to camouflage your awesomeness in a way that is more acceptable and suited for society. Many people don’t believe that being bisexual is a legitimate sexual orientation, how could you like both? Well folks, I’m here to tell you from personal experience, it is completely legitimate. So don’t disrespect people who choose to come out to you by belittling or undermining their sexual orientation. Not cool dude.


Finally, my ultimate favorite: “Being bi just means you’re confused and don’t know who you want.” Lies and French fries. Being bi doesn’t make a person any more or less susceptible to confusion than being straight does! People get confused when it comes to love, relationships, situationships, and all that jazz. That has absolutely nothing to do with your sexual orientation. It just means you’re human, no big deal there.


Being bi isn’t a choice any more than being straight is. Everything is hard to understand when you’re not the one experiencing it, but try to understand and respect who people are. And most importantly, don’t hate on those whose hearts have just enough room for everyone. :)

Food. For. Thought.



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