Little Things You Can Do To Stop The World From Melting


It’s the height of summer, everyone’s out of school, and we all have things to do. Road trips, beach days, hiking adventures, music festivals, and countless other things that define the summer are being enjoyed in this stress-free time of the year. With all of this fun in the sun, we should always look for more green ways to enjoy ourselves. Summer ’16 is inevitably going to be one of the hottest summers. At the rate we’re at right now, the earth will become a a melted ice cream cone filled with trash. Is this what we want? Of course not.

There are many little things you can do to help this poor earth. Since we’ll all be going out a lot, try carpooling to not only reduce gas consumption, but release less and less emissions into the air. Interested in public transportation? Whether or not you prefer to ride the bus, it does save the sky for the amount of people it’s able to carry, regardless of how much smog you see it release. Give it a try if possible. Is your destination close by? Try riding a bike. This is by far one of the best things you can do. Not only are you saving our sky, but you’re also getting a free workout out of it, making this the perfect +1.

Not only is our sky risk here, we should also keep in mind how we treat our ocean and how it affects the wildlife. This one can be really simple, just try to make the effort to find the nearest trash can or recycling bin. It can be hot, you might be too tired or lazy to go look for one, but when it comes to littering, every person should try to account for themselves and do their part. It’s the little things that matter. How would you feel if you saw and took a bite of a perfect burger, pizza, salad, or any type of food in general, and you soon find out you could be choking on some type of plastic, aluminum, or any hazardous materials to you health? It definitely won’t be pleasant right? And you would probably think, “Who in their right minds would want to do this?

These are just a few things you could do. I probably left a lot of other things out, but these are just the little things. I’m sure you can think of several other things you can do throughout your day. Bottom line, just try to think about this home we all share, because unless we can find another planet we can realistically inhabit and migrate to, then earth is our only home. If you are given the opportunity to do something really small during your daily routine, then do it. It may take a little more effort, but just try and do it. Go the extra mile to save a mile of land.