MAN vs EARTH video by Prince EA


Prince EA, spoken word artist and activist has done it again. We’ve featured Prince EA and his videos in the past on Collective Lifestyle, so we’re happy to show his messages of activism once again. Watch the video and you’ll see why we love his message. He says, ” It is up to YOU, yes YOU, watching this watching this behind this screen to make the effort, because time is of the essence and only together, can we make it to the 4th second.” Prince EA ends the video by saying that we can no longer rely on others to save the world. He says we must do something about our trees. Check out the video to see how he is getting involved with Stand For Trees and how you can too.

Only through the collective actions of us all, will we have a future full of forests, forests that are full of life, and a planet that is full of harmony.

You can help by watching the video, sharing, and getting involved with Stand for Trees. Remember, we can’t wait for anyone else to save us anymore, we have to be the change that we want to see in this world.


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