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Mentors: Life’s Shortcut

During an 8 mile hike through one of the beautiful mountains located in Tucson, Arizona; I had the pleasure of meeting an older gentlemen in the commercial real estate business. We quickly bonded over sharing the same alma mater and interest in the amazing nature that surrounded us while hiking.  The discussion unsurprisingly led to the current state of college graduates that are attempting to make the transition from the classroom to the office with benefits and a sense of achievement. Young professionals may experience a harsh beginning to the process of starting a prosperous and everlasting career when there is a lack of guidance and support. In current American culture having a bachelor’s degree is becoming common, but professional experience is harder to discover as millions of individuals are competing for the few positions that may launch their careers giving them hands-on skills and the networks to advance in their field. The college graduate that live with their parents and contemplate a vast return to textbooks and mid-terms are becoming a part of social normalcy in America.

On the other end of the spectrum are those that have gained the experience from being members of the workforce and are more worried about the lack of education or inability to easily comprehend the newest technological gadgets of the current year. The desire to maintain knowledge of best practices and current issues in the field of choice is necessary for established professionals as to avoid becoming extinct. In even worst cases being oblivious to the change that has occurred in the company or industry itself leads to the youngest members of the workforce being potential replacements rather than pupils. In this current period of time anyone has the ability to be a mentor from giving people the opportunity to enter into the same career or assisting those that have less resources in life. The youth is the starting point of mentoring as the encouragement given from a person that has gained financial independence, education, success in their career, or a combination of any may have the ability to inspire another. There are plenty of organizations that strive to better youth across the country by pairing teens with adults that have faced similar adversities and obstacles. Much of the youth seek their parents, teachers, or even friends as their mentors without recognizing it. There are a profuse amount of people that need that guidance and care to achieve their dreams and know that barriers are not to be treated as limitations.



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