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Nature’s Guide for a Happy Life – What Do We Learn From Nature?


Clear sky, dense trees, floating clouds, smiling flowers, flowing rivers, Blue Ocean, chirping birds and an endless list of natural wonders. Blessed with a rich treasure of nature, our planet experiences these aspects all around. Offering us joy of their presence, nature proves to be a wonderful companion for mankind. Gripped by loneliness, when our surrounding appears gray, nature and its wonders come to the rescue.

Each of the elements in nature have a message to convey. Silent yet powerful, unnoticed yet essential; nature ensures transmission of valuable knowledge. By admiring its aura and experiencing its presence, we can imbibe values and principles in our system.

Though nature does not speak any language, it teaches us through its routine events. From the sun that rises and sets every passing day to flowers blooming with happiness; from clouds that shower us with rains to rivers flowing with joy; every member of this nature club adopts the role of a teacher.

Inspiring with daily occurrences, nature can fill our lives with values. Searching for their hidden meanings and decoding the puzzles within can form a perfect nature’s guide for a happy life. As we look around and admire its beauty, we realize its real purpose. By drawing lessons from natural phenomenon, we can train our body, mind and soul towards a happy living. Opening doors to peace, prosperity, satisfaction and fulfillment, nature has lots of offer. A course that can never end, a chapter that shall never close, a book running into several pages, a guide to last for a lifetime – nature has a never ending stock of valuable knowledge for generations to come.

What does the nature teach us as we move along the journey of life?

What inferences can we draw from the natural trends around?

How does every factor in nature contribute towards our well-being?

What lessons are framed by each of its players?


Let us go through this guide and inspire ourselves with its magic.


Chapter 1: Trees

  • Motivate us to stand firm with confidence
  • Spread comfort for those around
  • Work and strive for others


Chapter 2: Sky

  • Demonstrates the significance of being the same for all
  • Motivates us to aim bigger by reaching higher goals
  • Inspires each one to bring openness in thoughts and beliefs.


Chapter 3: Sea


  • Points to limitless opportunities and endless possibilities
  • Rising and falling waves teach us the reality of ups and downs in life
  • Calm and silent waters invite us for quiet moments with ourselves


Chapter 4: Sun


  • Discipline and punctuality for regularity in life
  • Motivates us to rise, shine and live for others
  • While hiding behind clouds on a rainy day, it inspires us to stay prepared for uncertain events.


Chapter 5: Rains

  • With water that freshens the land, rains motivate us to radiate energy and enthusiasm all around
  • Demonstrate the power in supporting, encouraging, supplementing and enhancing growth and development for others
  • Provide hope and happiness in times of need


Chapter 6: Flowers and fruits

  • Inspire us to spread happiness with colorful spectrum.
  • Show the value of living for others with a purpose
  • Sweetness of fruits radiate joy and satisfaction


Along with an endless list of natural wonders, each of these chapters add knowledge to our database. Inspiring us in more ways than one, nature supports us towards a fruitful living.

Look around for these treasures, while soaking in the ambiance of nature.  Besides giving us numerous opportunities for a picture perfect scene, nature is nothing but a wonderful teacher in an amazing disguise!


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