Plans – Investment for the future or spoilers of the present?

Right from start of the day till the end of it, from our childhood till old age, from first day of New Year till its last, from first minute of the hour until its last second, we find ourselves engrossed in the process of making plans. Planning for the tasks in hand, planning for the activities of tomorrow, planning for ourselves, planning for our family, this job of crafting plans never seems to end. Essential raw material to start the recipe of life, these plans certainly consume our time and energy.

Making plans is essential as it creates a road map for the future. It motivates us to look at our talents, skills, strengths and weaknesses before finalizing a route. As a path that leads to success, efficient plans and its flawless execution combine into the ultimate result of happiness and joy. Lack of planning can pull us towards failure and disappointment as confusion sets a trap towards non-productivity.

Every aspect of our life demands this act. From purchasing groceries for the week to completing assignments at workplace, from making fun-filled plans for vacation with family to purchasing valuable assets in life, nothing is possible without plans.

The act of planning ensures adequate preparation towards fulfillment. While performing any task, our baggage filled with plans equip us with guaranteed outcome. As a first step for ascend, it motivates us to start the climb. Now while, planning provide us with so many benefits and tempt us with interesting conclusions, it is not possible to chalk down every possible detail. As uncertainties and circumstances choose to enter and exit our plot, it becomes difficult to stick to this process. With unavoidable twists and turns to our tale, fulfillment of plans may turn out to be an impossibility.

This points us towards the true need of planning.

Is it necessary to make plans for the far-away future?

Is it advisable to invest our current day in planning for the invisible tomorrow?

Will we invite failure and disappointment with our lack of planning?

Should we leave our tasks to fate and move along with the flow?


While it is impossible to hunt for perfect answers and clear this confusion from our mind, planning demands proper balance between essential and non-essential work. It is important to prioritize our domains and decide which of them require planning. By considering the short-term and long-term effects of our plans, we can hope to use it for our benefit.

Though we cannot inculcate this habit of making plans as a compulsory part of our routine schedule or ignore it completely from every aspect of our life, we can weigh its pros and cons and decide a course. As a person who believes in detailed planning, when my near ones convince me about the unnecessary trouble of it, I feel tempted to look at its contrasting aspects.


  1. Plans define our clock

Upside: Planning defines our time as we schedule our activities with duration in mind. It allows us to fulfil our commitments in an effective manner while we predict outcome in advance. Offering benefits of punctuality, it takes us closer to success.


Downside: While we allow plans to influence our clock, we may miss the joy of enjoying random acts. In an attempt to execute our plans as per hours and minutes of the day, we shall always find ourselves in a state of battle. Realizing importance and priorities are definitely essential, before we allow plans to fill our lives with disappointment. Every time we miss to shake our hands with those of the clock may take us towards to sorrow.



  1. Plans decide our route

Upside: Planning makes us look at the possibilities and decide our further course. It inspires us to create a path filled with opportunities. By investing time towards details and framing a map for future, we certainly lay a strong foundation.


Downside:  With limited access to actual set up, a route based on plans alone, may not be able to take us closer to every possibility. Newer discoveries on the way that are truly based on circumstances bring us to the real world. Restricting us within the guidelines of the plan can limit our choices. We should be able to appreciate flexibility in our course as everything in life cannot planned!


  1. Plans define our happiness


Upside: Crafting fun-filled plans deliver happiness and joy. Thinking about ways to extract fun and laughter inspire us to look forward to wonderful moments. As we decide plans for enjoyment, hobbies, holidays and recreation, we ensure adequate investment towards health of our mind and heart.


Downside: Attempts to stick to our fun-filled plans may offer less joy and more stress. With an aim to follow the contents on our list, we may not be able to enjoy all that we desired. Making it a matter of achievement, we may move away from the real meaning of joy.


With an up and downside to every single aspect of planning, it is necessary to find a perfect balance. Thoughtful engagement into this world full of plans shall take us towards real joy. It is necessary to consider plans as guidelines for future rather than allowing them to spoil our present. It is important to understand that situations, circumstances, plot and stage change quite often, just as our innocent plans as kids or crazy ones as teenagers transform into decent reality of maturity!


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