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Every year thousands of college students graduate from colleges and universities all over world and strive to begin their careers, but find the real-world to be much harder to navigate than their college campus. The idea of higher education and community involvement has been embedded into society for years and currently there is an enormous amount of college graduates that are all applying for the same positions. As employers are seeking very few employees and have a process for clearing out candidates via their educational background, community involvement, and professional experience leaving a high percentage of college graduates seeking employment in entry level administration or the fast food industry. This has impacted many communities as those individuals that never had the opportunity to attend college or decided that higher education was not their route may end up without consistent income. They may lose opportunities for promotions because of someone that may have little experience, but is highly educated.

For anyone that opted out of college after high school have an opportunity to gain and develop their educational background through various accredited schools that have online programs. This route is best for full-time employees and parents, it is a great way to expand your education without quitting your current job or neglecting any responsibilities. Online programs are flexible allowing the student to participate and engage in the subject at any point in time. An education whether gained virtually or in a physical classroom will speak volumes in reference to the character and values of an employee as well as assist the individual in fully comprehending their potential and developing strong goals for a career. With the rise in the cost of living and gradual growth in minimum wage, employers are seeking candidates for employment that are formerly educated and motivated to change the world and those around them for the better.


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