Santa Cruz Music Festival

Santa Cruz Music Festival


The buzz around town is that the Santa Cruz Music Festival is an event music lovers do not want to miss!  The Santa Cruz Music Festival held their third event this year and had a great success!  They sold 1700 tickets to the event and had 2300 attendees.  The music festival was originally inspired by South by Southwest Music Festival on 6th Street in Austin, Texas. Thomas Dawson and his partner Ryan Crabtree decided it was time Santa Cruz needed its own legit music festival, so they joined forces with Ecotopia & Raindance Presents, the Good Times along with several other local entities to help sponsor the event.


Last year the music festival mostly catered to electronic music lovers with headliners such as GlassLamp Killer, Vibesquad & the Far East Movement. This year G Jones show at The Catalyst Club were at full capacity. They had to turn people away at the front door. Other notable performances were RJD2, Lafa Taylor and Eliquate, which all played at the Catalyst.  This year the majority of it was electronic, but there was an eclectic mix of genres with more than 120 different bands playing music on thirteen different stages.


In a past interview with Thomas Dawson, he said he hoped “to work in the future with the Tannery Art Center along with other local restaurants to collaborate and have more music venues going on.”  This year his goal was accomplished as the show continues to gain momentum, expand, (comma) and gain popularity. This is an exciting event and one that will bring people out to support our local community.  Dawson said that he’d like his fans to know, “We could not have done this without them”.


SCMF is a hugely community based festival, and when the whole Santa Cruz music community comes together for such such an incredible day, it makes all the chaos worth it. We can’t wait to share it for years to come. Santa Cruz has been waiting for something like this to happen.  Be sure to check out the Santa Cruz Music Festival’s Website for more information. There are big plans to return in 2016 , and there will be a few surprises that will be announced!






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